Chapter 5 You Asked for It, Woman!

The car finally stopped in a coastal area. Li Ye immediately got out of the car and locked the door behind him.

He ran with the fastest speed that he had ever run, and disappeared into the night.

Inside the car, the man's clothes were utterly disheveled.

His beautiful face still maintained its cold and solemn disposition, but bean-like beads of sweat slid across his forehand and onto his cheek. It made him look incredibly sexy and seductive!

His sweaty palms locked her petite, flailing hands in a tight grip. With a sexy voice, he murmured, "Gu Anran, do you know what you're doing?"

He wanted her to know that he was the one who hugged her at that very moment!

Gu Anran gasped for air as her blurry gaze landed on the man's face.

The identity of the man? He was… "You're… Mu Zhanbei."

"Excellent!" Mu Zhanbei let go of her and lifted his slender fingers.

She shuddered and backed away instinctively. "I…"

"What's wrong?" Mu Zhanbei pulled her back toward him in one swift move.

"I… I'm awake."

The man before her frightened her. He was not the kind of man who would let someone escape after they had provoked him.

He was Mu Zhanbei, for heaven's sake! What exactly did she do before that? Did she go up to him and aggravated him?

Memories of her past life floated in her mind, and it caused her to shiver uncontrollably. The man in front of her was not a person one should trifle with so casually!

Why did she not run as far away as she could?

"Why, you little! Do you want me? Hmm?"

"I.. it's not…"

"It was my mistake, Mu Zhanbei. I… ugh… let go…"

She felt his breath on her face, which had already warmed even though she felt cold before that!

"You asked for it, woman!"

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