Chapter 6 Leaving Him? How Brave!

When Gu Anran woke up, she was alone in the car.

Mu Zhanbei's lanky figure stood against the howling wind some distance away from the car. Li Ye seemed to be reporting to him.

Despite a different lifetime that separated the past and present, his tall and perfect silhouette still managed to tug at her innermost feelings.

Gu Anran held her hand over her heart and bit her lower lip.

'I must not fall for him again! This man is completely heartless!'

No matter how she had wooed him, or how much time she had invested in him, or how passionately she had treated him in her past life, he had always maintained a cold attitude toward her. He was like an iceberg that had yet to melt even after a hundred thousand years had passed.

She did not want such a tragedy to happen again in her new life!

She buttoned her jacket and slowly crept toward the driver's seat.

Some distance away from the car, Li Ye ended a call on his phone. He turned toward Mu Zhanbei and relayed the news respectfully, "Eldest Young Master, it looks like everyone is still at the hotel. Shall we head back there for the engagement dinner?"

On account of the eldest young master's position in Beiling, no guest would be so audacious as to leave before he could dismiss them.

Everyone would be more than willing to wait, even if it meant they had to wait until the sun rose.

No one dared to offend Eldest Young Master because he was Beiling's Number One Gentleman and the CEO of Century Corporation.

Mu Zhanbei remained silent. His gaze landed on the faraway ocean, and anyone who saw his enigmatic expression would always try to guess his thoughts.

He was quiet, and Li Ye waited in silence as he was too afraid to bother him.

Mu Zhanbei collected himself after a few moments, and then he decided to walk back toward the car. "The engagement party!"

The woman must have already gathered herself together after such a lengthy pit-stop.

The engagement was part of his grandmother's wishes, so nothing would stop its progress as they had planned.

Li Ye followed behind him as he worried about the state of the future young madam. He did not know what had happened, and so he was wary about getting too close to the situation.

'But… but what's this that's happening right in front of my eyes?'

They heard a whoosh sound before they saw the car drove off unexpectedly right before their eyes!

Unbelievable! They were completely and utterly dumbfounded! It was like a flash of lightning had struck them!

Li Ye was flustered when he stared at the trail of the car as it disappeared.

If his heart did not have enough resilience, he would have been scared to death by the future Young Madam's actions that night.

First, she held the eldest young master at knifepoint, then she sat on the eldest young master's body, and finally, she gave him a passionate kiss!

After she had taken advantage of the eldest young master, she then stole his car and drove off without him.

Had Eldest Young Master… been ditched?

'How pitiful!' One should not be mistaken; Li Ye cried and grieved at his own predicament.

Eldest Young Master would definitely be furious if the young madam had abandoned him like that.

If Eldest Young Master was angry, could Li Ye still ensure the continued existence of his puny little life?

The sky rumbled as lightning came and went. They could hear the low pitter-patter of rain before the sky poured heavily.

Li Ye's legs turned jelly-like, and he nearly knelt before the God Almighty.

'Heaven wants me dead…'

"Young… Eldest Young Master. I-I shall ask your brother to p-p-pick you up and send you home…"


The rainwater drenched Mu Zhanbei's short hair and caused his fringe to stick messily to his face. The downpour had failed to dampen his handsomeness, and it even added an extra layer of charisma to his good looks.

At the same time, however, a dense coldness emanated from Young Master Mu's body. Anger ignited from the depths of his ever-composed and icy expression.

He was seized, exploited, and subsequently cast aside!

Perfect! It was absolutely perfect!

'Gu Anran, you're a brave one!'

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