Chapter 7 One Look and He Was Shocked

Gu Anran never meant to ditch anyone.

Would she abandon Eldest Young Master Mu? How could she? No woman in the entire world would be willing to dump him!

However, she did not want to have any association with him any longer.

The incident in the car was nothing but an accidental mistake. She had put an end to that blunder when her mind cleared.

Nevertheless, what did that sudden downpour meant? Did it exacerbate the hostility between herself and Eldest Young Master Mu?

Gu Anran's hands shook when she thought about what Mu Zhanbei had to face at that moment, and she nearly had a car accident due to that anxiety.

Even though she did not want to be involved with Eldest Young Master Mu, she did not want him to hate her either.

Did she not know his temperament? He was the kind of person who would bring trouble to those who ruffled his feathers.

She could not drive the car into the Gu family's villa as the road ahead was flooded. So Gu Anran slammed her foot on the brakes and stopped the vehicle.

She decided to brave the rain and quickly dashed into the house from the garage. Droplets of rain fell onto her face and removed some of her makeup.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump. Gu Anran had bumped into someone because she could not see well in the dark.

The bump knocked her bottom-first onto the floor, and the impact also caused the other person to take a few steps backward.

"You…" Mu Zhenan was holding an umbrella in his hand, and he was so upset about the accident that he was prepared to lash out at a seemingly blind maid.

However, he was quite shocked when he took a closer look at the maid. A wave of surprise came over him almost immediately!

'When did the Gu family employ such a beautiful young maid?' Her palm-sized petite face had such fair and exquisite-looking skin, and her facial features were gentle beyond any comparison.

Her tiny rain-soaked figure looked so frail that it spurred an intense desire in him to hug and take good care of her!

Even Gu Weizi, Beiling's Number One Enchantress, had only one-tenth of her beauty.

"Miss, you…" Mu Zhenan was about to help her up.

However, the woman got up herself and darted off without giving him another look.

He was at the little garden just ahead of the garage, with flowers and shrubs that parted to form a couple of pathways. In the blink of an eye, the beautiful, fairy-like woman had disappeared from his view.

Her fair and beautiful face, however, had been wholly etched into Mu Zhenan's mind.

The Gu family's second young miss, Gu Weizi, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The family's eldest young miss was not half-bad either, although she could not rival Gu Weizi's beauty.

The third young miss was the odd one out as she loved to put on heavy makeup throughout the day. One look at her would send one's gag reflexes into a frenzy.

As for that servant, though, who was she?

Moments after that, Gu Weizi appeared. She had just come from the car, and she was also holding an umbrella. "Zhenan, why are you here?"

Half an hour ago, Li Ye informed them that the engagement dinner had been canceled. Gu Weizi was extremely happy when she got the news, and she was in an excellent mood, hence the smile on her face.

Mu Zhenan had always liked it when Gu Weizi smiled. His whole world seemed to brighten the moment she smiled at him.

At that moment, though, he felt as if her smile lacked a certain something.

However, she was still the Gu family's second young miss. No maid could compare with that status.

"I thought you were already home. I wanted to see you… and Mr. Gu."

He had nothing better to do after the engagement dinner was canceled, so he decided to spend some sexy time with Gu Weizi.

Gu Weizi could not have been oblivious to his intentions. Mu Zhenan had been with her so often that he might as well flung himself at her feet and surrender to her.

She had intended to use him to get closer to Eldest Young Master Mu. Since the engagement dinner had been canceled, she still had a lot to do.

Even though Mu Zhenan had an equally elite status as Mu family's second young master, he was of no value to Gu Weizi if she could be with Mu Zhanbei.

"Daddy and the others will be home soon. Zhenan, I don't think there'll be any peace in our family tonight. Perhaps you should head on home for the time being."

She predicted that her father would be furious when he knew that Gu Anran had run off during the engagement party.

Gu Weizi had plenty of things to do, and Mu Zhenan's presence would only be an inconvenience to her.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Zhenan."

She thought that she would need to put much more effort into getting Mu Zhenan to leave, so she was shocked when he had curtly agreed to her suggestion.

"Then, I'll head home. I shall see you again soon." He turned to look at the main house, that stood some distance away, with some disappointment.

The maid's face swirled in his mind. The more he looked at Gu Weizi, the more he felt that she had grown dull.

Mu Zhenan gave her another brief glance before he nodded and turned to leave.

Gu Weizi felt a little surprised. Why did it look as if he was less passionate when he looked at her moments ago?

However, she was no in the mood to dwell on it because her father, Gu Minghao, was home.
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