Chapter 8 What Was in the Drink That You Gave Me, Second Sister?

"Is Gu Anran home? What's going on? Tell her to come down right now!"

When he heard that Gu Anran was upstairs as he got home, Gu Minghao was so angry that he almost stomped his feet in a tantrum.

He thought that his youngest daughter might have been in a mishap, or perhaps she had been with Eldest Young Master Mu. To his surprise, however, she had run home all by herself!

Was that an attempt to escape the marriage?

Such a useless person! He knew that she looked horrid, so it was a surprise that Eldest Young Master Mu was willing to get engaged to her. How could she not count her blessings!

Could the Gu family continue to live in Beiling after they offended the Mu family's eldest young master? Gu Anran would be the death of them!

Gu Minghao's wife, Ye Shuixin, glared at the maid and snarled, "Get Gu Anran down here now!"

"Yes, Madam!" The maid immediately went upstairs to get the third young miss.

Gu Weizi heard that Gu Anran was home the moment she walked into the hall.

She glanced at Ye Shuixin, who promptly nodded at her.

Gu Weizi then quickly went to hold Gu Minghao, who was near-crazed with anger. Then she said softly, "Daddy, you have high blood pressure. Don't get so worked up. Anger is not good for your body."

However, Gu Minghao could not keep calm.

"Anran ran off from the engagement party and came back here. How are we going to justify this to Eldest Young Master Mu?"

"Daddy, Old Madam Mu wants our families to bond through marriage. With everything that has happened tonight, it's possible that... that Eldest Young Master would not want Anran any more."

Gu Weizi relaxed before she continued to say softly, "I think that Old Madam Mu would be very angry if our two families don't get to be in-laws. Daddy, we can't let the engagement be broken off just like that."

There was despair on Gu Minghao's face. "You already said that Young Master Mu might not want Anran again. How else could we possibly fix this?"

"Perhaps…" Gu Weizi's face turned crimson-red. There were still words that Beiling's Number One Enchantress could not utter.

Of course, Ye Shuixin could guess the thoughts in her daughter's mind. She voiced her opinion immediately, "I think it was Old Madam Mu who wanted the Mu's and the Gu's to be related through marriage. However, Eldest Young Master Mu doesn't seem to like Anran that much."

"What do you mean?" Gu Minghao seemed to have picked up on the hints.

Almost immediately, Ye Shuixin continued to say, "If she were a different daughter from the Gu family, someone prettier and more elegant, perhaps Eldest Young Master Mu would like her for real…"

"Well, in that case, maybe Second Sister can take my place as Eldest Young Master Mu's fiancée."

Gun Anran had come down the stairs and leaned on the handrail. She looked at Gu Weizi with a small smile and remarked, "But Second Sister, aren't you already in a relationship with the Mu's second young master?"

"You… Don't be silly. Second Young Master Mu is the one who's trying to woo me, but I haven't agreed to anything yet."

Gu Weizi looked up to get a clearer glimpse at Gu Anran's face. At that instant, her heart shuddered.

Flustered, Gu Weizi said, "Anran, you… Are you not wearing any makeup? You…"

Ye Shuixin was also taken aback when she laid her eyes on Gu Anran's face! Where did the girl get the courage to reveal her true appearance?

"It's already so late, and it's almost time to sleep. Why do I still need to use any makeup?"

Gu Anran's held the smugness in her curled lips. She glared at Gu Weizi's naïve and puzzled expression.

"Second Sister, you were the one who taught me how to do makeup. You said that women who do not use makeup are not fit to be seen. But I've noticed that I'm much more beautiful without makeup than with it!"

Gu Minghao was utterly confused. His daughter, who used to love drawing her face to ghastly extents, was actually quite beautiful without any makeup.

Gu Weizi's heart skipped a bit. She could only force a smile when her father looked at her with suspicion.

"N-no, Anran was the one who insisted on makeup. When did Second Sister… say that kind of thing?" Her deft verbal maneuvering skills allowed her to change the topic. "Anran, what exactly happened tonight? Where did you go? Why didn't you attend the engagement dinner?"

Gu Weizi was still the lovable and caring Second Sister when she was in front of Gu Anran. Her caring expression truly helped her to portray the 'elder sister' role marvelously.

Gu Anran chuckled coldly to herself. In her past life, the 'kind' Gu Weizi was the reason for Gu Anran's lifetime of suffering and the cause of Mu Fengjin's death.

The heavens had given her a chance to start anew. How would she do her rebirth any justice if she did not get even with her elder sister?

With a wink of her innocent-looking eyes, Gu Anran glanced at Gu Weizi and said, "Second Sister, I have no idea why, but after you gave me that drink, I began to feel dizzy, and my entire body felt so hot."

She frowned, as though she felt weak.

"I was worried that I'd make a fool of myself at the dinner, so I rushed home to take a cold bath. I'm still feeling a bit unwell right now."

She looked down and met Gu Weizi's gaze. A half-smile luster shone in the latter's eyes, but her transparent expression showed bewilderment.

"Second Sister, what was in the drink that you gave me at the party? Why did my body feel so weird?"

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