Chapter 9 What's On Your Neck

What drink could make someone dizzy, and their body felt warm and strange?

Gu Minghao's eyes fell on Gu Weizi. He had lived for almost fifty years, how could he not know what Gu Anran had drunk?

However, why would his second daughter give that to his youngest daughter?

Gu Weizi felt guilty under his scrutiny, so she shook her head and said, "Daddy, I did not drug Anran. How could I…"

When she said that, Gu Anran blinked her huge eyes and stared innocently at her. "Second Sister, what do you mean, drugged? You… did you give me drugs?"

She was just an eighteen-year-old girl. At her age, it was perfectly normal for her to have such a straight-forward attitude toward all things in life, was it not? Gu Anran's expression aptly described her naivety.

"Weizi, what exactly did you give her?" Gu Minghao asked with a frown.

He would never condone it if his second daughter really did plot to sabotage Anran and Eldest Young Master Mu's engagement party!

"Daddy, how could I ever harm Anran? She must have taken some strange drink, and she's now trying to pin it on me so that she could avoid your reprimands."

Gu Weizi had honed her acting skills well. The corners of her eyes watered in a single heartbeat. "Daddy, I'm your daughter. Don't you know what kind of person I am?"

Ye Shuizin also raised her voice at that very instant. "Minghao, Weizi is Beiling's Number One Enchantress. Do you really think that she would hurt her own sister?"

"Gu Anran had always been a problematic girl. Would you fall into her lies and slander to denounce our sweet filial girl, who has always been gentle and good at her studies?"

Gui Weizi had been very knowledgeable from a young age, and she was always gentle and well-behaved as well. She had gotten good grades in school and had a great personality. She was even crowned as Beiling's Number One Enchantress when she attended Beiling's high socialite's banquets at eighteen years old.

On the one hand, it was because she looked gorgeous. On the other, she was well-learned, and she played the piano and danced very well. The utmost important point was that she displayed sophistication, intelligence, and grace.

Gu Minghao then glanced at Gu Anran, who stood at the entrance of the staircase, and disillusionment appeared before his eyes.

She did look marvelous at that time, but she was still his same troubled kid. She not only dropped out of school, but she also smoked, drank alcohol, put on heavy make-up, involved in promiscuity, and she had even run away from home. She did have a lot of issues!

Her beautiful face could never cover those issues.

Finally, Gu Minghao said, "Your sister would never give you anything bad. It was… it was probably just a misunderstanding."

Gu Anran smiled softly, but there was no trace of warmth in her smile.

She smoked, but only for once. Gu Weizi had manipulated her into believing that smoking was fun. So, she had tried that once.

That was it. However, a photo of her with heavy make-up as she smoked surrounded by a couple of alcohol bottles strewn on the floor spread like wildfire on the Internet.

She acknowledged that she was stupid and gullible in her past life. She had never doubted Gu Weizi.

"Of course, I know that it was just a misunderstanding. How could I ever suspect that my second sister would harm me? Second Sister even helped to hide the fact that she taught me to smoke from Daddy."

She batted her eyelids and fixed a little silly smile on her face. "If it weren't for Second Sister, Daddy would have found out immediately."

"What did you say?" Gu Minghao was taken aback, and he glared at Gu Weizi.

"Daddy, I… how could I…" D*mn it, Gu Anran, were you doing it on purpose? What caused her sudden change?

Did she do that accidentally? Or, was it intentional?

Was it purely her illusion? Why did she have a feeling that the Gu Anran had behaved differently that night?

"Minghao, you know that Weizi hates the smell of cigarettes. Do you believe that she would be the one to teach Anran to smoke?"

Ye Shuixin wanted to rip Gu Anran's mouth. Gu Anran was usually very naive; she could not even speak properly.

However, while Gu Anran looked quite innocent that night, she was also sharp with her words as she tried to set up traps along the way. Why did she sound like a different person?

Gu Minghao did not know who he should have believed. His youngest daughter changed so much that night that he was still in a daze.

The most important thing that happened that night was that the engagement party was canceled. He was afraid that Eldest Young Master Mu might not be willing to marry Gu Anran anymore. What else could he have done about that?

Suddenly, Ye Shuxin raised her eyebrows and quickly walked toward Gu Anran, who was still standing on the staircase. "What's that on your neck?"

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