Chapter 10 He Was The Man

Gu Anran felt physically drained that night, but she pushed herself to hold on.

Ye Shuixin was quick on her feet. When Gu Anran realized that there could be something on her neck, Ye Shuixin already clutched the collar of her shirt with her hands.

Ye Shuixin did not pity Gu Anran. With a quick and forceful tug, she exposed Gu Anran's neck to everyone in the room.

A small smirk formed on Gu Weizi's face, but she pretended to be surprised. "Oh God, Anran, you… why are there so many hickies all over your neck?"

Gu Anran had no escape. Ye Shuizin jerked her by the collar of her shirt, and then she was off the foot of the staircase. Before she could say anything to explain herself, Gu Minghao had already come up to her.

"You... you... how can this be?!" His eyes locked onto the hickies on Gu Anran's neck and collarbone as his fingers trembled in a fury.

He could already see so many; he dared not think about those that were hidden under her shirt!

Gu Weizi immediately acted as if she was a righteous person. She pulled a sad and disappointed look before she said, "Anran, did you really… with those messed up men…"

Gu Weizi glanced at Gu Minghao, who looked as though he was steamed in anger.

As a good daughter, she knew that she should put her father first. She continued to say, "If you do this, Daddy will lose face."

Ye Shuixin immediately added, "Gu Anran, how could you do this to your father, to your family? If Eldest Young Master Mu found out about what you had done tonight, he would destroy all of us!"

"You… you have just let the entire Gu family buried in shame for your promiscuity!" Ye Shuixin's words made Gu Minghao lose his temper.

His daughter's debauchery had ruined him and his entire family!

"You unfilial daughter, you!" He was furious as he held up his hand to slap his youngest daughter.

"How do you know that I was not with Eldest Young Master Mu tonight?"

Gu Minghao's hand paused in the air the moment she said that. He could not bring himself to slap her. "Did you say… that the guy you went out with was Eldest Young Master Mu?"

Gu Anran did not give him a reply. If possible, she did not want anything more to do with Eldest Young Master Mu.

However, since they had noticed the marks all over her body, she knew that Ye Shuixin and Gu Weizi would not let her off so easily. They would never let the matter rest before they exposed the so-called truth.

Was she supposed to wait for them to strip her clothes off?

"Daddy, it's impossible… It can't be Eldest Young Master Mu. How could he… like someone like Anran?"

"Why wouldn't he like me? Do you think that I am not as good looking as you?"

Her words were a lot more convincing after she washed off all of her makeup.

Men were best at judging a woman's beauty. Furthermore, Gu Minghao was not blind.

Gu Weizi was speechless as she gawked at Ye Shuixin with her red eyes.

In a high pitched voice, Ye Shuxin exclaimed, "Do you think we are all stupid? Do you know who Eldest Young Master Mu is? An important family like the Mu value their face, would he…"

She paused before she could finish her sentence. After all, she was a person with high social status. Some words were just too filthy to come out of her mouth. However, she had to continue!

"Did he feel that anxious that he had to mess with you on such an important night, even to the extent of canceling the engagement party?"

She looked at Gu Minghao. She had changed her attitude when she said, "This bloody girl is trying to fool us!"

Gu Minghao was in a difficult situation. He thought that Ye Shuizin's words made sense too.

It was impossible for someone prominent like the Mu family's eldest young master to act so recklessly.

"Do you know Eldest Young Master Mu well? Why are you so sure that he wouldn't do that?" Gu Anran pushed Ye Shuixin's hand that was still on her collar and sneered at her.

"Eldest Young Master Mu said that he would be here personally to explain the situation tomorrow. No, wait, he meant today, as soon as the sun rises. Why don't we wait a few more hours for him and then listen to what he has to say?"

"No, this slut must be thinking about running away from home tonight. Minghao, it's not like she hasn't done this before!"

Ye Shuixin was determined to get Gu Anran that night, and she would not give up on any chance to do that!

Gu Anran might have looked pretty, but there were still many people who would want her to die tens of thousands of times over.

"Minghao, this shameless girl has done something wrong, and yet she has shown no sign of repentance. We must teach her a lesson tonight. Otherwise, she would never learn!"

"Sir." The butler made his way into the house hurriedly. As he panted, he said, "Sir, Eldest Young Master Mu is here."

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