Chapter 467 The Rapport Between Father and Daughter

The man's tall and muscular physique pressed against Gu Anran's body.

Gu Anran's heart trembled when she felt his body heat from behind her. Her expression turned angry.

Bastard! It was early in the morning, and the children were around, how could he be so wanton!

His body was…

"Let me go!" She yelled as she struggled to break free from the arms that encircled her.

"I've missed you for two years, and I couldn't help myself. I apologize."

Mu Zhanbei did not want to be so presumptuous around the children. He had genuinely lost control of himself.

"Mommy," Tiantian called out from the bathroom.

Gu Anran pushed Mu Zhanbei with all her might and said, "Let go right now; Tiantian needs me."

He finally let go of her and followed her to the bathroom.

Gu Anran helped Tiantian to clean up before the child brushed her teeth. Then, she passed a new toothbrush to Mu Zhanbei and said, "Clean yourself."

"Will you not help me?"

"Piss off!"

Mu Zhanbei was speechless. She had gotten bolder
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