Chapter 469 Why is it Like This Every Time?

Gu Weizi never thought that she would reach such a low point in her life that she would need help from that woman!

She had recognized her the moment Gu Anran walked out from behind the shed! Gu Weizi did not expect that she would not have the courage to reveal her real appearance in front of others!

As soon as Gu Anran transferred the 180 thousand to that Brother Hu, he had left the scene with his subordinates.

Gu Anran stepped forward to look at Gu Weizi as she writhed on the ground in pain.

"Didn't you leave with a big sum of money? How did you end up like this?" They had not seen each other for two years, and Gu Anran did not expect that she would have lost a lot of the hatred she had for that woman.

However, Gu Weizi still hated her—she hated her guts!

Gu Weizi gritted her teeth and struggled to get up, but she was in so much pain that she could not get up.

"Gu Anran, do you think you are better than me? You think you're in the position to insult me?"

Gu Anran stared at
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