The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife
The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife
Author: Gong Second Miss

Chapter 1 The Beginning

In a private hospital in A City.

It was 3 in the afternoon. The sun was shining brightly outside the window, but inside the hospital room, it was cold and depressing.

Ye Shaotang declined an important meeting to rush to the hospital. His secretary told him that the doctor had pronounced Xu Yi was dead. She had stopped breathing, and there was no heartbeat for half an hour, but…

When he stepped into the hospital room, the doctor told him Xu Yi woke up three minutes ago.

Very good. This woman is getting more cunning day by day. She even colluded with the doctor just to get him to come to see her.

His cold and somber eyes looked at the doctor before asking in a casual, yet threatening thunderous tone, “Tell me, how could a person that’s been dead for half an hour come back to life?”

The doctor’s legs were trembling unconsciously. This incident was just like a fantasy. He had never experienced this in his 20 years of medical experience. He did not know where to start.

“This could be a medical miracle as the human body is very complicated.” The doctor’s gaze landed on Xu Yi who was lying on the hospital bed.

Xu Yi’s eyelashes moved. The doctor was about to say something when Xu Yi opened her eyes. After staring at the ceiling for a few seconds, she asked, “Am I in the hospital?”

She turned her head to look at the doctor and Ye Shaotang standing next to her bed.

It was as if she had seen a ghost, An Xin sprung upright from the hospital bed. “Ye Shaotang, why the hell are you here?”

She did not expect to see the person she hated the most when she woke up. An Xin was so mad she wanted to close her eyes and continue sleeping.

If this man did not anger her best friend, Xu Yi, into having a heart attack, she would not meet with an accident on her way to visit Xu Yi.


Ye Shaotang’s face darkened. What is this woman trying to play?

“Didn’t I get hit by a car? W-Where are my wounds?” An Xin mumbled and moved her limbs. There was nothing wrong with her. She touched her face. She was not disfigured too. “I’m so lucky. I flew across the street after the car hit me. How am I fine?”

Ye Shaotang looked at ‘Xu Yi’ who was mumbling to herself. He was getting very impatient. He was a smart guy, but now this woman had fooled him. He dismissed the doctor. He wanted to settle his accounts with this woman.

“Are you done fooling around?” His cold voice asked and the room's temperature seemed to decrease a few degrees. His black eyes with a hint of ridicule landed on Xu Yi. "You played dead this time, what are you going to do next?”

“Play dead?” An Xin felt like kicking this heartless man.

She flew so far after being hit by a car, and this man had the nerve to say that she was playing dead?

His own wife’s life was on a string after being angered by him, and now he had the mood to mock his wife’s best friend?

Hmph, trash!

She did not want to beat around the bush anymore, so she went straight to the main point and asked Ye Shaotang, “How’s Lil Yi?”

Ye Shaotang looked at her. Was this woman crazy?

“I said, how’s Lil Yi?” Ye Shaotang’s indifference angered An Xin. Fuming, she lifted her blanket and jumped out of the bed. “Ye Shaotang, don’t tell me you haven’t been to the hospital. Lil Yi must be blind to marry you.”

While berating him, An Xin went in front of him. She was a good head shorter than the man, so she could only lift her head to look up at him. “The hospital had already issued the critical condition notice to Lil Yi. Do you know that? As her husband, it's one thing that you ignore her regularly, but now she's at the brink of death, can't you at least treat her better?"

Ye Shaotang thought this woman was insane.

She looked so experienced in pretending to be sick. And now, what is this? Is she pretending to be insane or is she really stupid?

He pushed the woman's hand away. Ye Shaotang did not even want to look at the woman in front of her. “Xu Yi, do you know what you’re talking about?”

Xu Yi? She was talking about herself?

An Xin stared blankly at him. In the next second, she noticed something incredible in the man’s eyes.

Xu Yi grabbed Ye Shaotang’s face and held it close to inspect. She looked at it in detail like she was treating him like a mirror.

The face that reflected in his eyes was so familiar and amiable. She looked so loveable like a lotus flower that just rose from under the water that everyone would take pity on.

An Xin loved this face. But this was not her, it was her best friend, Xu Yi.

What was going on?

Ye Shaotang’s hands clenched into fists. He ignored the woman’s confusion, but instead, he could only see that this woman had forgotten their agreement and touched his face with her dirty hands.

He could not stand that!

Ye Shaotang pushed away Xu Yi’s hands rudely for the second time. There was a look of disgust in his eyes. “Are you that desperate to have skin contact with me?”

Damn your skin contact.

An Xin ignored Ye Shaotang and ran into the toilet.

Three seconds later, a scream came from the toilet. It was so loud it could penetrate the hospital’s roof.

An Xin could not believe what had happened when she stood in front of the mirror and saw the strange yet familiar face.

The name of this face was Xu Yi. She was her best friend and she had heart disease. She rushed to the hospital after receiving news that Xu Yi was in critical condition, and she got into an accident on the way.

But why did she look like Xu Yi?

She was An Xin.

The memories in her brain were like a movie with bad signals. It was appearing in her head choppily. There were some of hers, and some of Xu Yi’s.

Xu Yi was the second miss of the Xu Family. Her mother gave birth to her after being raped. After that, the man abandoned her mother. When she was three years old, the current wife of her father took her home and she endured endless suffering. Until two years ago, she became the wife of Ye Shaotang.

However, Ye Shaotang only married Xu Yi because of his grandfather’s dying wish. He was extremely cold towards her, and he had perceived her to be a cunning and sly woman. He did not want to even look at her.

An Xin, or rather, Xu Yi’s heart was experiencing all kinds of emotions. If she was Xu Yi, then where was An Xin?

Was Xu Yi in her body?

Eager to find out the truth, Xu Yi walked out of the toilet. She ignored Ye Shaotang and walked out of the hospital room.


A cold voice called out behind her. Xu Yi stopped in her tracks reflectively.

Despite the mind in the body belonging to An Xin, but at the end of the day, this was still Xu Yi’s body. There were some habits that she could not change.

“I need to take care of something. We’ll talk after I come back.”

An Xin was looking at the door firmly. Her foot was facing outwards, betraying what she had in mind.

Footsteps sounded from behind and Ye Shaotang appeared in front of her. He put a hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m advising you to not go, in case you get sad.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your best friend, An Xin, died in an accident.”


A loud buzz resonated in An Xin’s brain. Her first reaction was that this was impossible. She was in Xu Yi’s body, so Xu Yi should be in her body.

Flinging away Ye Shaotang’s hand, she said, “What do you know? Ye Shaotang, I won’t believe you until I see the body with my own eyes.”

“Then I’ll just have to let you believe me.”

Ye Shaotang grabbed Xu Yi’s wrist and walked toward that direction. In less than two minutes, he let Xu Yi believed him.

In the ice-cold room, An Xin was lying there not breathing, her body stiff and her face as pale as a piece of white paper. There was no sign of her being alive at all.

Looking at the person in front of her, An Xin panicked and felt muddled.

Who was she? Or rather, who was that person on the stretcher?

The accompanying doctor’s voice sounded next to her ear. “Chairman An said that someone from the funeral parlor will come and take her away in the afternoon.”


An Xin could not believe this. She stood there stubbornly and refused to leave. What if Xu Yi’s soul was slow? Perhaps she would wake up in the afternoon or maybe in one or two hours?

Didn’t she also wake up half an hour after the doctor pronounced her dead?

“She will come alive. Just like me.”

Xu Yi touched An Xin who was lying there. The coldness on her skin traveled from her fingertips to her heart, piercing her like a needle.

“Don’t have any wishful thinkings.” Ye Shaotang did not want to waste time staying here with Xu Yi, “My condolences.”

His words were not comforting at all. It sounded perfunctory.

Xu Yi glared at Ye Shaotang and vowed, “Ye Shaotang, do you believe that she will come back to life?”

Just like her.

“She’s been here for three days. Even if she had any chance of coming alive, she would have been frozen to death.”

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