Chapter 252 Pregnancy

A trace of grief flashed across Ye Shaotang's eyes. Seeing her indifferent attitude toward him, his heart ached even more. He had imprisoned her here for the past few days.

He was happy, but it was also painful. Sometimes, he could not even tell whether he was happier or more painful, and sometimes he doubted whether it was worth it.

The family doctor arrived soon, and Ye Shaotang almost flew into a rage. If it weren't for Xu Yi's painful look, he would have let him go for his late. In the past few days, Xu Yi's silence had completely aroused his temper.

Especially when it came to Xu Yi, he would not allow them to make any mistakes.

After the doctor put the listening skill on, Ye Shaotang, who was next to Xu Yi, had a strange look in his eyes. He was afraid that Xu Yi had been silent during this period of time and had been staying in the room all day long to get sick.

"What do you think? Can't you even check a little?"

Ye Shaotang asked in a panic. The doctor ignored him and look
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