Chapter 2 The Arrogant Return of the Young Mistress

His words were emotionless yet rational. It was as if the person in front of him was a stranger. It did not matter if the person was alive or dead as it would not affect him anyway.

Xu Yi had known Ye Shaotang for five years and she had never seen him smile.

She asked the doctor, “Who’s been here after she died?”

The doctor looked at Xu Yi. His eyes expressed sympathy. “You and President Ye are the first people to come to visit Miss An.”

So An Xin has been dead for three days, and no one from the An Family came to see her?

“We should go,” Ye Shaotang reminded her coldly.

Xu Yi looked at An Xin on the single hospital bed and shook her head. “You go ahead. I want to stay here for a while.”

Give her some time. Perhaps she could figure out what was going on.

Ye Shaotang would not allow Xu Yi to stay in the mortuary alone, but he would not stay here with her either.

The limited patience he had for her because of her best friend’s death had run dry because of her stubbornness.

“Xu Yi, I don’t have time to fool around with you. Come with me.”

“I said, I want to stay here alone.”

Xu Yi was not as obedient as before. Her voice was firm.

Ye Shaotang chuckled in his heart. What now? This woman was trying to reason with him after she faked her death? And she was even trying to act like a brat with him?

Without saying anything, he pulled Xu Yi’s hand and dragged her outside. Despite An Xin’s struggles and fusses, she was still brought back to the hospital room by Ye Shaotang and thrown onto the bed.

“Ye Shaotang, are you crazy?” An Xin flung his hand away and pushed him hard. “My best friend is dead. Can’t I stay with her for a while?”

Ye Shaotang scoffed and smirked slightly. “Xu Yi, aren’t you the person who wants her dead the most?”

“What do you mean?”

What did he mean by ‘the person who wants her dead the most’?

Ye Shaotang did not want to talk about this, but looking at Xu Yi’s pretentious innocent face, it angered him. He grabbed Xu Yi’s chin and said in a low voice, "You don't have to fake your death just to see me. Xu Yi, your best friend won't die if you did not do this."

Xu Yi wanted to say no, but there were disdain and ridicule in Ye Shaotang’s eyes. His gaze was as sharp as an arrow, piercing into her heart.

She felt injustice when she thought about the time when Xu Yi was obedient and docile in front of Ye Shaotang.

This man had forced An Xin to her death.

She lifted her hand and peeled his hand away from her chin. She stood up and looked at Ye Shaotang confidently, “From this day on, I am not the Xu Yi that loves you.”

This must be an act from God, and he had sent the feisty An Xin to seek revenge for Xu Yi.

Since she was in Xu Yi’s body, she would live for her. No one could bully her anymore.

This included Ye Shaotang!

Ye Shaotang’s eyes reflected Xu Yi’s confident face. He was startled. This woman seemed different.

He wanted to see what this woman was up to.


When they left the hospital, she did not change out of her hospital gown.

Xu Yi was extremely clear-headed when she walked on the road that was so hot it could cook an egg. Even though the people from the An Family were heartless, but now, she was heading to the Xu Family.

The philanthropist couple that was extremely famous in A City.

On the way from the hospital to the Xu Mansion, she kept replaying the things the Xu Family did to Xu Yi.

Cypress trees were planted in front of the Xu Mansion. During this period of the season, they look extremely lively. Even the air was filled with the smell of the pine leaves.

The pale white European style mansion was at the end of the lane with the cypress trees. It looked clean and lavish. The water droplets from the fountain in front of the door were reflecting light. At the back, two flights of stairs led to the mansion.

If Ye Shaotang’s existence was the reason for An Xin’s rebirth, then the members of the Xu Family was the principle of her coming back to life.

She had to seek revenge from those people who wanted her dead.

“Second miss, you’re back.”

The family was eating in the mansion and looked up upon hearing the servant’s greeting.

Xu Yi could see the cracked expression on Zhao Yamei’s face. It was an expression of surprise that slowly turned into anger. It could be understood as throwing the helve after the hatchet.

There was one scene in her memory. Zhao Yamei gave her doctor a card, and then looked at her lying on the hospital bed sinisterly. She moved her lips and uttered three words.

At that moment, she was drowsy from being sick so she did not hear what she said clearly, but she knew now what she had said, it was: let her die.

The elder sister, Xu Nuo’s face was filled with disgust. “Why did you come in with the hospital gown? What if you brought germs into the house? It’s fine if you die, but don’t involve us.”

Xu Yi ignored her clamor. She turned around and ordered the servant, “Get me a bowl and a pair of chopsticks.”

“What are you doing?” Xu Nuo raised her voice and asked her.

Xu Yi walked over to the dining table and sat down after pulling out a chair. “I’m eating. What else?”


Xu Nuo wanted to say something but was stopped by Xu Changrong’s gaze. He turned around and looked at Xu Yi with his brows furrowed. He asked, “Why didn’t you stay in the Ye Family? What are you doing here?”

“I want a divorce.” Xu Yi’s four words shocked everyone.

The first bomb was dropped.

Xu Changrong was so shocked that he started to suspect his hearing. "You rebellious girl, say that again.”

“I, want, a, divorce!”

This time, she said it word by word.

Zhao Yamei came back to her senses, she scoffed and rolled her eyes after hearing what Xu Yi said. “You don’t have a right to ask for a divorce. Who do you think you are? Xu Yi, I’m telling you, it’s your blessing that you got married into the Ye Family. Don’t even think about asking for a divorce.”

Xu Yi’s gaze landed on Xu Changrong and asked, “Do you feel the same as well?”

Xu Changrong pointed at Xu Yi, his face twisted in rage and roared, “If you didn’t want to be married to President Ye, then you shouldn’t climb into his bed in the first place. President Ye didn’t shun you but instead, he married you. Don’t throw away your dignity. Go home and apologize to President Ye. If you dare to anger him, I won’t go easy on you.”

Very good!

Xu Yi chuckled coldly in her heart. These people were the same as those in the An Family. They must have wronged Xu Yi on so many occasions before.

But from now on, she would not allow Xu Yi to be wronged by the family ever again.

After leaving the dining room, she walked straight to the shelf in the living room. She looked at the blue and white porcelain vase and smiled ominously.

Three seconds after the loud smash, Xu Changrong walked out with his wife and daughter. When he saw the smashed vase next to Xu Yi’s feet, he started jumping in anger.

“Are you crazy? I bought this for two million dollars.”

Xu Yi did not care about his screams. She continued to smash the porcelain, jade, and antiques to the ground. The sound of smashing sounded continuously in the living room. Xu Changrong’s heart smashed just like his treasures.

“My royal porcelain from the Tang Dynasty! Wu Zetian used this before!”

“You rebellious girl, you’re smashing my icy jadeite. It cost me millions.”

“Stop it! This is my favorite painting, ‘Thousands of Miles of Mountains and Rivers’! You...”

Xu Changrong could only watch Xu Yi threw the painting on the ground and destroyed by the glass shards. He was so angry that he almost fainted.

Xu Yi smashed almost everything on the shelf. When she was finally satisfied, she stopped.

Xu Changrong was so angry he was trembling all over. If Xu Nuo did not hold him, he would have fainted on the ground already.

“You rebellious girl, what the hell are you doing? Do you know how much everything here costs?”

Xu Yi clapped her hands and pouted. She said nonchalantly, “Dad, I’m so cheap. How would I know how much these things cost? Plus, I’m just imitating my sister. Doesn’t she also like to smash things when she’s mad?”

Xu Nuo’s face contorted in anger. “How can a cheap illegitimate child like you compare to me? Also, the things I smashed were worthless. You’re smashing dad’s treasures!”

The faces of the members of the Xu Family were as interesting as a color palette. Some of their faces were red and some were green.

After glancing at all of them coldly, Xu Yi turned around and walked toward the stairs. Her delicate back was straight, indicating clearly ‘do not mess with me’.

After a few steps, she turned around to look at those people before grinning sinisterly, “Since I can’t have my way in the Ye Family, I’m just gonna have my fun here.”

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