Chapter 5 Of Loosening the Reins Only to Grasp Them Better

Xu Yi turned around and Zhang Shaodong was standing about 2 meters behind her. His gaze was complicated and seemed to pierce Xu Yi like nails.

When she saw him, Xu Yi felt even more disgusted. She rolled her eyes, ignored him and continued talking to Hao Shihua.

She had a short three-month relationship with Zhang Shaodong. When she was in her first year in university, Zhang Shaodong had always pestered Xu Yi. He also did crazy things like queuing up in the middle of the night to buy her gifts.

They had dated for less than three months and Xu Yi found him sleeping in a bed with Xu Nuo.

After that, Xu Yi discovered that Zhang Shaodong had been seeing Xu Nuo for two months behind her back in their three-month-old relationship.

Xu Yi would not have been so disgusted by this man if that was the only thing he did. But this garbage of a man had kept on pretending to be deeply in love with her and said that he was forced to date Xu Nuo for her money so that he could provide a better life for Xu Yi.

Before this, Xu Yi would avoid him at all costs. Plus, he would not dare to come to look for Xu Yi. She was unlucky today to meet him here.

However, who knew Zhang Shaodong was not thinking straight today. He grabbed Xu Yi and dragged her out. Hao Shihua got up and chased after them. Zhang Shaodong made a turn and ducked into the stairs compartment.

“Zhang Shaodong, let go.” Xu Yi demanded with a cold face as she flung her arm in disgust.

Seeing that she had struggled free, he pushed her arm against the wall and looked at her affectionately. “Lil Yi, I miss you a lot. How are you recently?”

He missed her?

Xu Yi chuckled coldly. “Zhang Shaodong, no, I should call you my brother-in-law. If my sister saw what you are doing now, do you think she’ll ask you to kneel on a durian?”

“She won’t know. Lil Yi, I just wanted to tell you to wait for me. I almost have enough money, and when I have enough, we’ll go somewhere that no one knows us and start our happy lives.”

Happy lives? Damn your happy lives.

Xu Yi lifted her leg and kicked Zhang Shaodong in the crotch. The bastard immediately bent over like a cooked shrimp with his face red. He was bending over the railing on the stairs.

They said that the pain men felt when they got kicked down there was nothing less than the same as giving birth.

However, Xu Yi did not feel worried nor distressed for him. She looked at him while crossing her arms across her chest. “You want me to elope with you? Zhang Shaodong, you should look at yourself!”

She walked over and grabbed him by the clothes on his shoulder. She patted his red face and sneered.

“You’re worse than Ye Shaotang, at least he’s rich and handsome. What about you?”

Zhang Shaodong’s voice was hoarse. “I love you. Lil Yi, divorce Ye Shaotang and be with me.”

“Haha, divorce? Okay.” Xu Yi let go of Zhang Shaodong like he was garbage. She was as haughty as a blooming lily. “But you have to remember, when I do divorce Ye Shaotang, it was because I’ve had enough of him, not because of you.”

Finishing her words, she turned around and walked away, leaving Zhang Shaodong to suffer in pain alone.


After walking out of the door, Xu Yi ran into a human wall and was seeing stars. She lifted her head and cursed.

“F*ck!” Ye Shaotang?

She did not consult the Chinese Almanac today before leaving the house, hence meeting so many people that she did not want to see.

She covered her hurting head and asked casually, “Why are you here?”

“What do you think?”

Ye Shaotang took out his phone. The phone screen stated it was in a call, and the person on the other end was Xu Yi.

Ye Shaotang was looking at her with a ruthless expression. His eyes were cold and his tone interrogative.

“What’s going on?”

She did not call Ye Shaotang. If he were to call her, she would have heard it.

“You called me.”


Xu Yi took out her phone from her pocket. She looked at the duration of the call and understood what happened.

She must have dialed Ye Shaotang’s number accidentally when Zhang Shaodong grabbed her just now.


Did that mean Ye Shaotang heard everything she said?

After a second of feeling guilty, she became calm again.

She did not do anything wrong and what she said was how she felt. Why should she feel guilty? If there were no problems between Ye Shaotang and Xu Yi, then he should not be afraid of what other people said.

Since Ye Shaotang did not say anything, then she would not ask. She hung up the phone calmly and peered at Ye Shaotang.

“Shouldn’t you be at work this hour? Why are you here?”

“Go home.”

Ye Shaotang grabbed her wrist and pulled her out. When they were outside, he pushed Xu Yi into the car and shut the door. Then, he ordered the driver to start driving.

The whole process was very natural and smooth. Xu Yi was seeing even more stars. She lied on the backseat and did not come to her senses after a long time.

“Xu Yi, you’re so bad at what you do.” Ye Shaotang’s cold voice sounded next to Xu Yi’s ear. The corner of his thin lips was upturned into a sarcastic smirk.

Xu Yi rubbed her wrists and glanced at Ye Shaotang. “I don’t understand.”

“Do you remember how you pestered me into not divorcing you?” Ye Shaotang peered at her. “And now you’re purposely calling me to let me hear you say that you want a divorce?”

He chuckled coldly, “If this is not loosening the reins only to grasp them better, then what is this?”

Xu Yi laughed as well, but not sarcastically. “Then I want to ask, are you happy with my tactics, young master Ye?”

“It was trash.”

Xu Yi pouted and let out a long sigh to display her disdain. “It’s true what they say, the things you see are what you are.”

She was indirectly calling Ye Shaotang trash. Of course, Ye Shaotang understood that.

His hatred toward Xu Yi increased. The idea to seek revenge appeared in his head again, and he executed it in the next second.

Pushed and pressed down.

Ye Shaotang pushed Xu Yi onto the seat easily with his overpowering strength and started nibbling on her neck. He was like a vampire drawing blood.

Xu Yi could only feel pain coming from her neck. Both of her hands pushed at Ye Shaotang’s chest, wanting to push this revolting man away.

But her hands were held above her head by Ye Shaotang.

“What are you doing?” Xu Yi glared at this man. He was not going to kiss her, right?


Looking at the face that countless women lusted after, Xu Yi only felt disgusted. The man was getting closer and closer to her, Xu Yi closed her eyes in revulsion.

Never mind, she would just treat it as being kissed by a pig.

The kiss did not land, however, it was interrupted by a phone’s ringtone. Ye Shaotang held her hands with one hand and answered the phone with another.

“We’re on our way home. What?”

Ye Shaotang’s voice sounded concerned, even Xu Yi was starting to feel worried.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shaotang urged the driver, “Drive faster.”

“What happened?”

Ye Shaotang’s eyes were looking straight ahead. There was a hint of nervousness in his furrowed brows. “My mom wants to kill herself.”

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