Chapter 8 Reckless Woman

When Ye Shaotang and Xu Yi left the Ye family mansion, it was already night time.

Ye Shaotang looked at the exhausted Xu Yi in her seat and chuckled coldly, “It’s just for a while. Do you have to look so exhausted?”

Xu Yi was fuming. It was unsure if she was in this body for too long, Xu Yi had almost forgotten that she was An Xin. She kept on thinking she was Xu Yi.

When Ye Shaotang mocked her, she would recall how this frigid bastard had treated Xu Yi and she wanted to deride him so badly.

However, Xu Yi’s health condition was always not very good, plus a lot had happened today so she just looked at Ye Shatang lightly. She did not want to speak to this frigid bastard.

She finally understood why Xu Yi had gotten quiet. Even an extremely energetic person would become insipid after spending time with this frigid bastard, what more when Xu Yi was so attentive and particularly emotional.

Ye Shaotang was surprised by Xu Yi’s coldness. Before this, Xu Yi would use this opportunity to pounce on him in this tiny space.

When the two of them were in the car, she would always try to get physically close to him, unless he had explicitly forbidden her to do so.

Watching Xu Yi sitting on the far end of the car seat and was resting her head on the car door and not on his shoulder, Ye Shaotang felt a lot of different emotions bubbling up inside him.

Heh, this woman. Her ability to loosen the reins only to grasp better was not bad.

When he was about to mock her, his phone rang.

It was Ye Ming who called him, but he did not expect him to ask for Xu Yi.

Ye Shaotang’s face was solemn when he passed the phone to Xu Yi. “It’s for you.”

Xu Yi looked at Ye Shaotang groggily and mumbled a reply. She reached out her hand to grab the phone.

She was too tired and overexerted her force and accidentally grasped Ye Shaotang’s hand instead.

Their skin touching seemed to burn immediately.

Xu Yi was not the Xu Yi from before. Having physical contact with her best friend’s man was still a big no-no.

Xu Yi retracted her hand immediately, her fingers unintentionally swept across Ye Shaotang’s palm.

“Hello, dad?”

As soon as Xu Yi started speaking, a long and lean hand reached over and switched on the phone’s handsfree speaker.

Xu Yi glared at Ye Shaotang, but he looked at her matter-of-factly.

Xu Yi was unhappy, but she could not do anything. She was the weaker party now.

Ye Ming did not know what was happening on the other side of the phone. Hearing Xu Yi’s voice, he said, “Lil Yi, thanks for your hard work today. Rest early when you get home.”

Xu Yi answered politely, “Dad, you’re being too courteous. It’s what I should do. You are also tired, rest early too. Shaotang and I are on the way home and we’ll reach in a few minutes.”

Xu Yi was very quiet before, but now she was chatty and understanding. Ye Ming was happy. “Dad knows that Lil Yi is a good kid. Shaotang has been spoiled by us since young, that’s why his temper is so bad. Now that you’re both husband and wife, I hope that you can tolerate him. He doesn’t know how to express himself. He has a good heart, but somehow it would sound different when he expressed it. I hope that you won’t blame Shaotang for our sake.”

Ye Shaotang was unhappy with Ye Ming’s words.

Ye Shaotang had never heard Ye Ming talking so courteously to anyone.

What did Xu Yi do to make Ye Ming behave so lowly to her?

Ignoring the fact that he would blow his cover of putting Ye Ming on speaker, Ye Shaotang grabbed the phone. “Alright, since you know she’s tired, you shouldn’t say so much. If you have the time to do this, you might as well use it to accompany mom.”

The phone was silent on the other end. After a while, Ye Ming advised in earnest, “Shaotang, don’t keep what I said to heart. Lil Yi is a good girl, you have to treat her better…”

“Okay, I know. I’m reaching home. I’m hanging up.”

Ye Shaotang did not like to be lectured, especially on the same topic. He swiftly hung up the phone.

When he hung up the phone, he saw Xu Yi pretending to sleep. He could not help and mocked, “You’re good. I have to respect you for your skills. You got my parents to go against me so fast. Xu Yi, I underestimated you. I thought you’re gonna know your place, but you don’t know when to stop. Then you’ll have to excuse me for not going easy on you.”

Xu Yi lifted her gaze to look at him lazily. “What high-sounding sentiments, Young Master Ye. I should advise you to be nicer to me since your mother will definitely have more outbursts in the future. If she wanted to see her daughter when she has another outburst, I would like to see how you beg me during such critical moments.”

Touching on what happened today, Ye Shaotang was extremely angry. “You still have the nerve to talk about what happened. Who asked you to pretend to be my mother’s daughter?”

Xu Yi waved the ring on her ring finger. She spread her hands wide open in front of Ye Shaotang. “Please look closely, I have the stamp and certificate. A son-in-law is half a son, and a daughter-in-law is half a daughter. I did not take advantage of anyone. If you have the guts, why don’t you divorce me now?”

Ye Shaotang glared at Xu Yi while gritting his teeth. “Xu Yi, how dare you. You know it’s nighttime so the Civil Affairs Bureau would not be opened. How dare you goad me like this? Say that to me again in the morning if you dare.”

Xu Yi squinted her eyes. “If I say it again in the morning, would you do it?”

He thought Xu Yi was loosening the reins to grasp him better, but after she mentioned divorce repeatedly, the way he looked at her changed.

Suddenly, he got up and got close to Xu Yi. The two of them were staring into each other’s eyes. They were nose to nose and lips to lips…

“Xu Yi, who gave you the confidence to control my marriage?” Ye Shaotang suddenly reached out and gripped Xu Yi’s chin. He said fiercely, “You were the one who refused when I asked for a divorce before. And now, I don’t care if you’re loosening the reins, but at the end of the day, I won’t let you have your ways. Xu Yi, I suddenly realized my marriage with you is so interesting and fun. I want to see what else do you have up your sleeves.”

Xu Yi hated how Ye Shaotang looked right now. When he removed his hand, she did not think twice and bit down on his purlicue.

“Xu Yi, let go! You disgusting woman, is your Chinese zodiac a dog?”

Flames were burning in Ye Shaotang’s eyes. “You reckless woman!”

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