A Chance Encounter
A Chance Encounter
Author: Nathan Frost


Jaida Carlson, a 17-year old girl, realizes from a chance encounter with a young guy named Arius that things are certainly not fairly what they seem. Arius is anything but normal, right down to his retractable claws, black wings, and penetrating red eyes. In interchange of her life, they form an improbable closeness as she tries to help him intermingle into the human world when Jaida finds him lifeless on her school's roof.

However, when you're as mighty man as Arius, intermingling is anything but easy, especially with the look of a haughty "angel" known as Lucius. Just how is he related to Arius? Jaida is about to find out that her world is in risk, but can she really trusts Arius—a guy who's more likes an evil—to save it?

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if he is ML so she can trust him?

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