The crowd that had gathered around the two boys kept murmuring, some making bets about who they thought would win. Needless to say that most were against Arius. After all, Jerrod had knocked out quite a few teeth in his life and had probably broken a few noses. The students he had something against often feared for their good health. Perhaps today, though, someone would be able to teach the brute a lesson.

"Come on," coaxed Jerrod as he readied himself for the fight. "Let's get started." To his surprise, Arius laughed.

"Why should I waste my time on you?" he asked Jerrod. Pathetic humans...

"What are you implying?" asked Jerrod, his face turning red. He was getting angry, and talking to Arius was like putting fuel to the fire. The Deslyan would just keep pushing Jerrod until the boy exploded.


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