Arius finally decided to move, so he spread his wings and took to the skies in hopes of escaping the choking smoke. The sky wasn't much better though. The higher he got, the worse he felt. It wasn't because of the smoke, though. He was feeling somewhat nostalgic, as if he had been here before, seen this place. The licking tendrils of fire that nipped at his limbs were so familiar that when they touched him, he felt his whole body ignite.

"What's going on?" he asked, wiping some sweat from his brow. He began to look around, realizing that there was no one left in the area. The strange, dome shaped houses that lined the streets were all ablaze. Whoever had been living in the town had either evacuated or been consumed by the flames. The second option was much more probable.

Arius clenched his fists, suddenly finding himself angry. The more he looked around, the faster he was realizing that he

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