Rebecca's Revenge
Rebecca's Revenge
Author: Nikka Anne
Chapter 1: Memories

Rebecca's POV


Her voice can be heard from the other room. That sweet, reassuring voice I'd love waking up to. That was exactly seven in the morning. I slowly opened my eyes, blink it slowly as I looked around. The sun's rays are already reflecting through my window. It's a perfect, sunny day to start with.

"What do we have for breakfast?" I yawned and smiled. As soon as I smelled a familiar scent, I excitedly went to the dining table just near my room.

"Good morning, honey." My mom said as I met his gaze. Her smile is as sweet as the aroma of cinnamon rolls and some brewed coffee made by my mom.

"Whoah, is that cinnamon?"

"Of course. Just the way you want it, honey." On a separate plate, I had a piece of cinnamon rolls and a glass of milk for me, she loved coffee on the other hand.

"Perfect! Thank you. Are you going to work?" " I looked at my mom with a cheerful smile.

"Yep... better get dressed hun. I'll drop you off to school before I will go to work." My mom looked at me adoringly.

"Okay mom. I'd be ready in less than twenty minutes."

"I'll wait for you outside. I'll get in the car. Do you have any concerns before I go?"

"I'm all good,mom. After I eat this, I'll just take a bath and brush my teeth. Can you wait for me?"

"I have an hour left. I will not mind at all, dear."

"Yes, mom. Thank you. Just wait for me in the car."

"Alright, then." She smiled sweetly as she stood up. She quickly put all the dishes on the sink. She walked past me going outside towards our car.

That was last year. I never thought that it would be the last day with her that could change my life forever. How will I ever forget the only one who truly loved and cared for me?

If only I can bring this exact moment where I can always feel her and her warmth. How she expressed her love in so many ways that I couldn't feel towards my dad. I always regret the day I spent short on her. I admit I have a lot of regrets. I always think of those moments that were all taken for granted. I enjoy the fun that we had but I never got the chance to tell and let her feel that I love her so much.

It's been a month now but the nightmares kept on coming.


"How can you always act innocent when I already saw what happened?" His voice roared inside their room.

"'s not what you think it is. Believe me." I can hear my mom's deep cry as she said those words. Even if the door is closed, I can hear the commotion that's happening inside.

I remembered, I was so young back then. I can't do anything other than covering my ears. I don't understand why I am crying, too. I can feel my mother's pain as she tried explaining her side but ended up unheard by my father.

"Why can't you believe me?"

"Why should I? Do you think I can still believe you after what you did to me?"

I can hear a lot of things being knocked off inside the room. I guess that drunkard is trying to hurt my mom in one way or another. Is he really my father?

I can say, he's heartless.

"I wish I never knew you. I wish you will die! Die, you bitch!"

As soon as I heard those words from my dad, I stood up as I deliberately knocked on their door. "Mom, dad, please! That's enough!" I can see myself crying as if those words are intended for me. I never saw my mom's reaction but I know, it crushed her heart. Hearing those words coming from the one that you loved the most is the worst thing to happen.

The sounds from the inside of their room stopped. I can hear the doorknob twisted from in there. I saw my mother as she rushed outside the house. I didn't understand why my heart was pounding very fast. After a few minutes, I can hear a car screech. Some people who saw the whole scene told me that my mom is slowly crossing the road at that time. The car haphazardly ran towards the pedestrian lane where my mom is at. Before she saw the car moving towards her, it already hit her hard that she fell on the ground, her head hitting the gutter. Blood came out from her head that caused her death.

***end of flashback***

I should've enjoyed that exact moment. For how many times did I regret coming to school that day. I should've watched for my mom and just be with her. To comfort and ease the pain that my father caused her so much.

Thinking of how lucky I am to have a mom like her, at the same time realizing that I can never bring her back again makes me feel so helpless. I can't help but cry and promise myself that I will make my dad's life miserable in any way I can.

I will make him pay for everything he did for us.


I saw him inside the house of his new family. I can see how he loved them the way he cared for them. I can't help but closed my fist until I can feel the numbing pain.

I hate to see him happy with them. I held back my tears. Why can't I see this kind of happiness when he's still living with us? Every laughter that they share pierces my heart numerous times. Why can't he able to show this kind of contentment to my mom and me? I always ask myself many times.

Is my mom not lovable enough? She's the only woman I know who didn't do anything but to love my father. It seem like life is unfair to us and I hate it.

My car is tinted and I am confident that they won't easily see me observing them closely. I am situated in one of the parking areas nearest to their house. It happened that they were outside having a barbeque party. As expected, I am not invited. Why would he, anyway? For me, there's no reason to do so because he already treated us like shit, always from the very beginning of my life.

I can't even call him father. I always cringe whenever I imagine considering him as one. Is there any greater adjective that can ever describe how I hate him? I hate him so much to the point that I would never want any man to enter my life to take me for granted.


"No...please! Stop!" My mom wailed as she held her hands high. I can see all her bruises, from everywhere her body and on her face.

"Who is he? Huh? For many times did I tell you to never see that man again?"

"Why can't you understand? He's my boss. We're together with a team. Is not clear to you that we don't have anything, for Pete's sake!" My mom is crying while she explains everything but my father seemed to not care at all.

I was just peeking through the small hole through the door of their room.

They thought I was already sleeping. How could I? Their voices are filling my heart with worry and nervousness. I know my father is not only inflicting pain on my mom's heart but how he loved hitting her as well. I can see the bruises from my mom's arm and some are from her knees.

Every bruise and pain were the result of my father hitting my mom. He's always doubtful to her in every little thing that my mom would do. He would always put malice to the way he would look at mom's gestures towards her work ethics. For him, she is doing other things; beyond her excuses for business meetings and conferences.

***end of flashback***

I can't help but to remember what happened from the previous months.

He's always putting all the blame on my mom to cover his own imperfections. My mom was the best person I ever had. Despite of the hardships and struggles that are happening to their married life as a couple, she will always make me look at the positive side of life. They've had countless fights but my mom always smiles at me as she would remind me that this world is a colorful place to live in.

I'm surprised a bit when he gazed at the area to where I am right now. His face became serious. Did he see me? I looked in a different direction. That look still intimidates me. I decided to start the engine and drive away as fast as I can, leaving that place. I will always come back and think of possible ways on how to get even.

If there's someone in the world that I can never forgive, it will be him.



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