"He's going to sell me to someone.." she sobbed in her mother's bosom while she caressed her only daughter's hair.

Her heard broke into several pieces, thinking of nothing but getting sold.

"I've heard it, mother. Richard is brainwashing him. They were talking about some rich men." Amelia added whining and sniffling.

Hearing this, Grace was fuming with anger. She stood up and walked out of the room.

Confused Amelia, followed her mother, wiping her tears off.

As Grace stepped out the stairs, she saw both of the men chatting in a cheerful tone.

Richard noticed the presence of his best friend's wife, he stood up and spoke in an amused tone, "Hi, Grace. It's too good to see you.."

Without seeing him, she just strode towards her husband, grabbed him from the collar and slapped his face hard.

As the man was drunk, he quickly fell, on his wife's foot while she kicked him in the ribs.

"What the hell..." Richard said in bewilderm

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