Why did he give her the sedative? And what for? Did he already know that she was going with the men?

She left without even goodbye.. there's no way back now. Is it?

Sitting in the back seat of a luxurious Mercedes Benz, she was thinking about her mother.. her father.. about her life.

She was on the back seat with Richard, far away, touched to the door and looking out of the window.

Amelia lived in a small town where there were no big buildings, or luxurious cars or people wearing a tux.

Just at the bar, she saw a few men wearing a proper suit, looking complete gentleman otherwise, there were only normal kinds of people.

As the road passed by and they were going towards the city, she admired the view lifting her head out of the window, what she saw, took her breath away.

Lights glittered everywhere just like stars dropping to the earth, huge and small buildings collided in a mixture of shadow and geometry. A breathtaking, marvellous, a

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