Amelia opened her eyes just to see she was in the bed.. in someone's bed?

Quickly she sat down and saw she was fully dressed not in her clothes but a navy blue velvet night suit, heaved in sigh she looked around to notice this was new to her.. the room.

The bedroom was furnished on a meagre budget but it was full of more warmth than Amelia had seen in many years. On the back wall was a mural, a tree with every colour of fall leaf imaginable and a few more besides. One the crude pine bed was a hand-embroidered orange cover. From every wall smiled black and white photographs of art and history.

The colours are nothing else, strong, vibrant. But where was she? Maybe at Richard or Van Dough's home?

It was not a house but seems a villa or a mansion...

The door on the knock interrupted her thoughts, as she turned around and saw an old female.. more like her grandmother..stepped in with a tray of food in her hand.

"Hello, hope you had a good sleep.

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