With the help of the maids, the lady took her upstairs while she nearly fainted, her eyes closed, blood-forming from the right side of the head.

As soon as she got laid on the bed, she noticed the drops of blood crawling down from her head to her face, moving further down to her neck.

"Call the doctor.." the lady said in a loud voice while the maid quickly ran downstairs.

Amelia managed to lean back on the bed, after a small hiss, she said, "No, I'm alright. It's just the food, it makes me weak.."

"Foodie, eh? I get it but we need to call the doctor now. Please lay down." she pushed her gently to the bed.

A few minutes later, a man, wearing a doctor's uniform and holding a medical bag, rushed in.

'Where's the patient?" he asked staring at the lady who just rolled her eyes saying, "There. Can't you see, doctor?" while Amelia just let out a chuckle.

The lady was nice also she was sarcastic.. but she seemed sweet. What bothered Amelia wa

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