"Who said good men don't drink?" he, with his eyes narrowed at this thought, asked the little girl in front of him, who seems to enjoy the rainy night.

"I say..." she, without facing him, replied, her eyes fixed on the raindrops and a sparkle of cheerfulness showed in her face.

Kristopher understood that the girl was so much liking the view, of course, his villa was nothing compared to the town she lives in.. she first time had seen so much beauty in her entire life.

"Let's go inside, you will catch a cold.." Kristopher stood up, while she was lost in the view, deep thoughts.. and once he stood up, it made her startled, all of a sudden, her bright smile faded and turned into an emotion of fear.

He, for a second, got nervous.. one second she's calm and another second she's the poor scary lamb.

"C'mon..." he gave her a sign, his voice low and calm.

Once, both of them got seated in the living room, by the fireplace, it was more of a cosy enviro

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