Another second and he took his phone out from the pocket and dialled the number.

Amelia and Grace were too busy to notice this and both of them walked upstairs, leaving the drunk man alone.

Her mother asked her where she was and she replied, "Mother, I was with a guy. He saved me... you know he's a very nice man." when talking about him, she smiled.

Her mother then asked her if she's in love with him and she immediately replied, "Oh god, Mother, no! I don't love him at all."

"I'm finding another man.. who had saved me from Richard and men for the very first time.." this brought a wide smile on her face as her eyes dilated and it was a spark in them.

Grace looked at her with a naughty face to which Amelia just blushed and covered her face with both of her hands, she was kind of embarrassed.

"God, mother! Stop it!" she said, her face covered.

The cruel father was listening to all of their conversations from outside and clenched his fist

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