"Help me! Someone! I'm afraid of the dark!" Figaro was now yelling for help as Amelia gave him a hard push and he fell on the floor. 

As it was dark and he could not see, more of it this man was afraid of darkness. So it was a nice and easy chance for her to sneak out.

"Where are you? Listen to me, please.." he was roaming his hands on the bed as if to find her but she was nowhere to be found.

Figaro had no stamina to stand up, he was on his knees, fearing. His voice was shaky and Amelia wanted to laugh, so bad.. but now was not the right time.

It was the VIP room and soundproof so literally, no one from outside can hear him pleading or asking for help.

And it was a very good opportunity for Amelia to run because the VIP floor was all empty.. either people were in their given rooms or no common person is allowed to go here.

As she reached the door, she unlocked it and quickly stepped out and when a ray of light appeared in front of Figa

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