Kristopher was driving, his brows knitted and he was lost in deep thoughts, eyes on the road but his mind was somewhere else.

He tightened his grip at the steering as he increased the speed of his car, raised his eyes up to the back mirror and the road was clear. Not a single car on the front or back of his car. 

The bright and yellow street lights flashed open as if welcoming the drivers on the road. The wind blew through Kristopher's perfectly spiked hair as he opens the windows of his car. It sent shivers down his spine from the sudden chilly wind.

All of a sudden his phone rang as he picked it up and put it on the speaker saying, "Now what do you want?"

"Why are you so stubborn?" there came a majestic male voice as if complaining.

"What?" Kristopher asked, eyes still in the road.

"I told you to drive slow.." the man said over the phone and Kristopher realized that he can hear the noise coming from the engine so he slowed down and ad

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