Christian and Amelia were bare skin, laying close to each other, her head rested on his chest as she heard the slow heartbeats of him.

His heart beats around her was always leisure as if he was calm and relaxed with her.

 The ring of his phone interrupted their peace and as he saw the name, he quickly stood up from the bed, wearing his clothes, as he attended the call.

"Yes, Blair?" he spoke when he turned the speaker on, wearing the pants.

"Baby, where are you?" she asked in a sweet voice when Amelia quickly made an awkward face by squinting her eyes as she raised one side of the mouth, babbling with no voice and Christian indicated her to stay quiet.

After talking on the phone when Amelia was laying on the bed, she copied Blair's voice by saying, "Babbyyyy... where are you, baby? Christian... come to me, please."

"My hair will go white if you don't come in a minute..." she said with the change of voice when he chuckled and said, "did

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