The bride followed in a white lacy dress, escorted by her friends. They walked in a slow and doll-like pace. The wedding was also an occasion for socializing. 

Blair's face was impassive, she was clearly annoyed. 

The guests were gossiping about the bride and the groom. Everybody was thinking that the groom wasn't coming and he ditched her at the last moment.

Stacey was so sure that her grandson has run away but the best friend was here. He might know something.

"Amelia..." Christian said in a low voice when he saw Amelia was standing close to the water, her bare feet on the sand.

In front of her were the magnificent view, the sea, the sky and the wind.

The waves roll in, each of them as strong and bold as the last. They come without fear of the beach, embracing their destiny upon the dawn sands. Amelia walks forwards until the water soaks her bare feet, her shoes already dangling in her left hand. Not once does she gaze downward a

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