"That girl there... in the wedding dress who is pretending to be the heartbroken one.. is actually the one who caused me agony and pain. She slept with the guy who was the marketing manager in my company. Not even one time... but many times. Also, Blair hid that she can't be a mother, ever!" he spat in anger when Blair's eyes were nothing but bulged out.

"So, tell me, people. Who would marry the girl who betrayed me two fucking times? I would never..."

"Amelia had sacrificed her love for me... she told me to marry her. Why? Because my happiness is much more important to her. Even though she's carrying my child..." he added confidently making all of the guests chocked while Blair was going insane.

"Christian Valentino! You can't do this to me!" Blair piqued in anger as she walked to him whilst her arm was being held in the midway.

"Papa..." she murmured when her father's face was covered with scorn.

Blair gulped and added, "Papa, he is lying. I didn

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