Chapter 2 - Meeting With The DEVIL!

Alexander's POV:

I had everything that I desires for; nothing I wanted or own can got past my grasp. Shallow women threw themselves at my feet. But I could not understand what was wrong with me? Since yesterday, I couldn't get that 'Little Tigress' out of my head, this was vastly rare for me to think about someone nonstop. No one had ever occupied my thoughts like this before, I was getting annoyed. 


I was sitting in my car which was parked right outside of one of my well known Night Club, waiting for a bastard named Louis Holt. That mongrel was supposed to die today.

How dare him to demand more money after agreeing to take a double amount of the current price of his land? He already gave me word that he wouldn't demand more. I could take this land easily without giving a proper price. But I agreed to pay him in twofold the price of the land as he didn't want to sell the land and he complied.

But no... The greedy pest thought he could blackmail me for this fucking piece of land as if it's worth anything for me. He wanted more money. Like hell I would pay him.

What he didn't know was that I could take his precious land and not lay a single penny then kill him after. That's exactly what I was going to do.

The plan was to pick him from the club and shoot him dead without any effort, my patience ran out, my men were going to bring him to me.

I was sitting inside my car. The reek of alcohol from the drunken people of the club was the last thing I wanted. At that moment I saw a girl being harassed by three men who look up to no good. Pathetic low lives 3 guys against one girl. The girl was wearing a navy blue short and a tight top, she's beautiful and if I must add she's also gifted with luscious curves I would love to run my hands over the dips and curves of her delectable body. Even seeing her from a little distance, I could feel a strange urge to touch her possessively.


Then suddenly one of them touched her inappropriately and pulled her to him. Instantly, she punched the man and went on to beat the shit out of those low life pigs. Judging from her swift movements, I could say she's been trained in the skills of Martial arts. She was like fire with the graciousness of her movements.

She said something to them before turning and starting to walk and I was watching her in fascination. She caught my eyes and attention in a special, a very special way. I won't let her go easily. After her performance, she walked away from the scene held her thumb out to hail a Taxi. I called my right-hand Man, Jeff to follow her and get her address and also get all the information about her within three days.

I'm going to enjoy watching her from afar for the time being.

After my men forcefully brought Louis to me, the fucker was shaking, almost peeing on his pant. I decided to give him a chance, I was no longer in the mood to kill today after setting my eyes the My Little Tigress. I threatened him to get from my way otherwise I would kill him then sell his wife and younger sister to sex trafficking ring. He was scared to death, froze up and couldn't get a word out of his mouth. I gave my final warning, even though today was supposed to be his death day.

He should be grateful to My Tigress because if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't be breathing right now.

Sapphire's POV:

Behind my Taxi, there was a silver car. I frowned. I felt apprehensive because I felt like I was being followed. The Taxi drove faster because I told the driver to speed it up. Arriving at my condominium flat, I slowly walked to my apartment door with slow exhausted steps.

Unlocking the door, I walked in taking off my shoes. Running into the living room and I plopped down my body on the couch. I lived alone in this condo, which has three big rooms including a dining room/kitchen and a bathroom, there are two bedrooms, and the other room has no furniture, so I use as my personal dojo.

No one came here except Bella. I like to keep everything clean and collected. People might think, 'How does she own this big condo all to herself'. It was bought by papa and it's under my name. So, I don't have to worry about paying rent but I do pay for the utilities. After my papa's passing away, I have been staying here, all alone. It's just me, myself and I.

My papa was quite a successful businessman. He suffered from cancer and the last few months before his death, he wrote in his Will that all his hard-earned money throughout his life work is now mine to own under my name as my inheritance and he sold the company in secrecy. Papa had deposited a huge amount of money under my name. When he had already died, I was only at the young age of 16.

He wrote in his Will that all his properties will be mine after my becoming 18 and strong enough to take care of myself and decisions. He signed one of his trustworthy friend and lawyer Mr. Fredrick Benson as my legal guardian. He's a father figure to me and he treats me like his daughter. He doesn't have any children of his own.

At a young age, I had already acquired all of my late father's properties; there could be a threat to my life. Papa was scared that people might take advantage of me if they got to know that I inherited so much money at such a young age. So he planned something. He paid the media a huge sum of money to spread false news that his company has gone in bankruptcy.

He knew how people are, they like to believe what they want and with the help of extensive false publicity, it becomes the truth. Even today no one knows the truth except me and uncle Benson.

To everyone, I am an orphan who's poor as well. I had gotten the power over the properties two years ago but I didn't like to use my father's money unless I'm in urgent need of it. I liked to work since I was 17, I started working multiple part-time jobs to pay my utilities and lead a simple life. I don't want nor do I like to show off. Except for Bella and Uncle Fred, people think this condo is rented.

I took a shower and went into the kitchen. After heating the leftover spaghetti meatball, I dug in. As I finished, I went to my bedroom to take a look at my face in the mirror. I caressed the skin of my cheek where the bloody bastard from club slapped. It was red and swollen. I picked up the cooling ointment and rubbed it on my throbbing cheek. I had gone through a lot, slight pain like this didn't bother me at all.

I laid in my bed, clapped my hands once to turn the lights dim because darkness and I don't quite get along, soon, I drifted to the kingdom of both dreams and nightmares.

Alexander's POV :

I was in my office, busy checking a company file. A knock in the door distracted my attention. It was my Secretary Loony. She told me about today's schedule and handed me some files. I told her to fix up a lunch meeting with the CEO of Jonathon Enterprise. This company was important for my next hotel.

My phone rang and it was Jeff. Suddenly I recalled the Little Tigress. I told him to find me information on. I accepted the call "Hello."

"Hello, Good morning, Sir." Jeff greeted from the other side.

"Get to the point," I demanded. I didn't like wasting time in greeting ever.

"Yes, Sir I have collected her information. Do you want me to send it to you now through mail or do you want a hard copy? Sir?" He asked.

"Both." I hang up the call.

A minute later, I heard a beep from my mobile. It was a mail notification. I could not wait anymore to know about my 'Tigress'. My finger moved automatically to open the PDF file.

Her name was Sapphire, Sapphire Atkinson. The name sure suited her well.

I began scrolling up and down the screen carefully going through the details. Loony interrupted me to remind that I had a meeting at 10.30 am. Cursing loudly, I took my suit jacket from my hanger and strode out of the room with my eyes still glued on the mobile screen.

Then I went to one of the most prestigious Italian restaurants in all of Chicago for my lunch meeting with Mr. Jonathon. I told Loony that he liked Italian cuisine, so she made a reservation at this restaurant. I am a Mafia Man this type of pure businessman behavior doesn't suit me. Dealing with a gun is more of my forte. But these formalities are needed in Billionaire word when I had legal business as well.

Sapphire's POV :

I got up early in the morning. After having breakfast, I wore my blue jeans, striped shirt, and a converse. I didn't wear any makeup just applied a little sunscreen and lip balm.

I reached my university by bus. Today I had a class with Bella. She didn't come yet. Most probably she would skip the class. Yesternight which led to an intense lovemaking session with James and a bonus bad hangover.

The Professor entered the classroom and began his lecture. And it was purely boring. After 3 more classes finally my university study period was over for today.

At the cafeteria, I had my lunch. Bella was absent so I ate alone seeing that she's the only friend I had. I had a chicken burger with fries. Suddenly remembered that I didn't have anymore cooked food at home in my fridge and I also ran out of vegetables and fruits, and groceries in general. So, instead of going home I had the free Lunch the cafeteria offered daily.

At 3 pm I went to my part-time workplace. I bought groceries after my work shift was over and reached home. I felt so hungry, I just made myself an instant cup noodles to sate my hunger. Then I cooked a lot of food that could probably last me for the next 4 days.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I went to sleep. When my eyes were closed for a little while, all of a sudden my phone's ringtone resonated through my bedroom.


to be continued

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