Chapter 3 - Still Hunts Me!

Sapphire's POV:

"Little brat, come here." He said smirking devilishly.

"No. no. no. Don't come near me." I started crying.

"I am like your papa, your new papa. Come to me let this papa touch you and pleasure you." He tried to grab my t-shirt but I ran as quick as my little legs could.

"Why are you doing this? Please stay away! You are not my papa and papas don't touch their daughters like this!" I cried when he caught up to me.

"Why? Why? I know you also want this like your slutty mother. Don't you see how she gets her pussy fucked by me every night and day in front of you? I think you also love some. Second papas can do this much." He grabbed my arm and tried to pull my pants down. His loud, cruel laughter echoed in the room.

"NO! NO! NO! Please! Otherwise, I will call mommy!" I yelled, frantically kicking his leg and pushing away his hands.

"Hahahahaha. You must be kidding me right? Your mother won't do anything rather she will be glad. You're nothing to her but a burden." He ripped my t-shirt abruptly.

" Stop! No! Get away from me leave me alone!" I desperately sobbed.

"Ah!" He let out a painful groan. I sank my teeth as deep I could into his hand, making him lose his hard grip on me

I ran after biting his hand. I fell in front of the dressing table with a stumble. I took a heavy glass box filled with my mother's jewelry and threw it at his direction. He clutched his chest groaning in pain again. The box hit him on the chest directly.

"You're dead little bitch! That slutty whore of a mother won't do anything about it!" He came to me with long strides and caught me by my hair. Yanking my hair upward he slapped me hard a few times in the face. Blood came out from the side of my busted lip. I fell on the floor as he continuously kicked me until I passed out wheezing in pain and agony.

"NO...NO... NO... NO! Please STOP!" I woke up screaming, from the nightmare that has haunted me for years. Now I was panting heavily. Tears ran down my cheeks recalling at the physical and emotional pain I had experienced as a young child. The loose satin shirt I wore had gotten soaked by sweat and tears. I felt a strong pain in my head.

I sat up on my bed reaching for the pill bottle on dresser table. After swallowing the pill along with the water, I got up walking to the drawer that had all of my sleeping clothes to change into something else.

How long this would go on?

Why wouldn't these nightmares leave me alone?

Would it haunt me forever?

Each night I felt helpess, lonely, and vulnerable.

I wished if someone could hold me now and comfort me that telling me everything was going to get better. Let me cry my heart out in front of him/her letting out all my vulnerability.

But no I was all alone in this world, I felt lonely but I never showed others my weakness because it made me uncomfortable to receive pity from strangers.

It's better if I stayed this way. Cold, bitchy girl. No one would bother me and get to see this pathetic, weak and vulnerable self of mine. Even dreams were also not mine. They were haunted by my past.

I took my phone and turned it on. Before sleeping I switched it off because someone called. I was too sleepy to pick up and didn't get annoyed further. But now sleep has gone.

I saw a missed call and four texts from an unknown number.

I don't like when someone doesn't answer my call. - First message

I also don't like when someone avoids me and I make sure myself he/she doesn't repeat this. - Second message

We will meet soon, very soon. Until then keep thinking about who am I. I will be happy - Third message

Don't forget that you are mine. Only mine, angel Soon we will be One- Fourth message.

What the hell!

Who was this shithead now!? Was this some kind of prank?

I felt really irritated however the annoying guy was, if he tried to mess with me, sure would be beaten badly.

I pressed the home button on my phone going on the music app to select a song from my playlist to soothe my mind and closed my eyes.

Alexander's POV:

I wanted to call My Tigress. I wanted to notify her of my existence. The thoughts of her was killing me.

I got her phone number and called her since It was nighttime she should be free to pick up.

The phone rang but she didn't pick up the call, then I again tried and her number was unreachable.

Suddenly the level of my anger rose up. She's fucking ignoring my call. No one, I mean no one has ever dared to do so. I felt rejected and that seemed to spike up my anger even more.

'She must be tired and sleeping she doesn't know me yet' I thought to myself trying to calm down

I settled for sending her text messages stating that she's mine. I entered into my bed My body was in her need. Wanting to touch her, feel her, and mark her.


Next day, after my morning jog, I returned my mansion. The beautiful flowers of the garden reminded me of her. My sweet tigress, my angel. I plucked 100 Red Roses. Then I called my butler and told him to make a bouquet, I had one of my men to send it to my angel's home.

I went to the dining space and found my mother and father there. Father sat while my mother served him the different varieties of food spread out on the table. Even though we had maids, my mother likes to cook food for us and serve her masterpiece to us herself.

"Good morning, Dad, Mom." I greeted going towards the dining table

"Good morning, Alex." Mom smiled gleefully

"Good morning, Alexander, " Dad said as I pulled out a chair to sit

My Mom placed a plate full of poached eggs, pancake, sausage, beans, bacon, fruits and a glass of juice. I thanked her along with a kiss on her cheek before eating.

I was in the middle of eating and then my father started, "Alexander, remember Mr. Aniston and his daughter that I told you about? And you told me that you didn't have any problem considering married to her."

"Yes, I recall saying so, " I replied to him nonchalantly still eating

"I want to meet you with her so you two can be familiar with each other before getting married, both of our families are wealthy and with great reputations to hold both of you are the perfect matches."

"Dad, have you talked to him already about his daughter and I marriage proposal?" I asked him calmly as I took the orange juice drinking it until the glass was empty.

"No. Not yet. I was thinking of telling him today. I think he also wants you as his son-in-law. He compliments you again and again." I nod my head picking up the napkin to wipe my lips.

"Good there's no need for it anymore, dad, I don't wish to marry his daughter anymorebecause I have found someone better for me, " I told him seating up getting ready to leave.

They both looked at me, astonishment written on their faces.

"I am not joking right now, Alexander! You think carefully before taking any foolish decision. This girl and her family is right for you and could give you all types of advantages, privileges and more power than you deserve. If you're considering taking one of your flings then forget about it." Dad remarked in his hard tone.

Immediately I became aggravated.

"I am worthy enough to make things work in my favor and I have the ability and backbone, I don't need to borrow any girl's shoulder to help me rise to power and anything you have to say I don't mind it, but Do Not Disrespect My Woman without even getting to know her first." I affirmed. I hardly could keep my voice in control. After getting my answer which was a head nod from them, I swiftly got up from the chair straightening my suit.

My father cleared his throat glaring at me.

"Honey, are you sure about what you're saying and are you clear about her?" Mom asked with concern and skepticism underlying in her tone.

"Yes, Mom, I am sure about her and I am confident once you see her you will also love her at the first meeting, " I tell her with a big smile creeping up my face.

"Then I must say I can't wait to see her and when will you bring her to meet us?" she asked with a happy expression looking at me affectionately.

"Soon, mom. I'll introduce her to you very soon, just wait a bit, " I asserted. I gave her a hug and was about to leave.

"Alexander, if what you're saying is true then I support your decision. Nothing is more important than your consent, but remember she must be worthy of you otherwise, I am afraid I won't be able to approve the relation you have with her." Dad voiced in an ascetic tone but I knew he's only trying to look out for me.

"Dad you can trust me." I added before I walked out of the dining hall. Exiting the mansion, I reached one of my warehouses where deal with traitors. And I had one specific backstabber to finish off today.

The bloody bastard made the greatest mistake by betraying me, he leaked information about our one secret mission to a rival gang and two of my men were ultimately killed in this process.

I was going skin him alive until his all fresh and if I'm feeling a bit generous I might smear him with flesh-eating acid. Then cut him into pieces, one limb goes to each of his family members to remind them of his irrational behavior costing a few lives. I give my traitors' punishments that will have them begging for the easier retribution death.

Before I handle the loathsome idiot I told Jeff to give me today's details about My Angel, thinking about her makes me happy and inordinately hard at the same time.

Entering the torture cell, I saw Andrew was sitting on a wooden chair, beaten, tied up and half dead, his consciousness was barely there. I smirked evilly as I laid a hot slap on his face waking him up. Instantly he groaned in pain his eyes landed on me widening in absolute horror.

He looked at me in fright and stammered, "Boss, please forgive me I will never do it again. Boss, give me a chance, please." His pathetic pleads did nothing to my heart rather it ignited my rage unduly.

"For traitors, there is no second chance, I'd like to ask why did you backstab me? When you knew you would be in this position right now." I asked in a cold chilling loud hoarse intonation.

He stayed silent and I said, "You don't even have an excuse, then why would I give you a chance?"

"Dante put a rag in his mouth and pluck all his nails and 10 teeth, after that drill his hands and feet with nails, " I chuckled dryly as I punched Andrew hearing a loud crack

"NO... NO...NO..NOOOOOOOOO. Boss. Please. Boss. Please. I-I - had been faithful to you many years, Boss." He begs with blood running down his mouth with his now crooked nose bleeding profusely.

"Then why didn't you stay loyal to me. Huh!?" No answer I punched him one again.

"That's why I must kill you because you have seen what I do to my traitors. Nevertheless, you dare." I enunciated wiping his dirty blood off my hands with my handkerchief throwing it on his face before I departed from the torture room hearing Andrew's scream echo the halls.

After half an hour, Dante called me that the job has been finished. I wanted to see for myself, on the concrete floor Andrew was a mess of blood, sweat, tears and even urine. But he wasn't dead just yet.

Andrew tried to say something but his body didn't allow it to come out of his mouth only blood and a few loose teeth.

"Had enough Andrew? You were a very skilled man, but now your hand and legs are not anymore able to work, hold a gun, nor is your big mouth able to leak information to enemies. Now, what should I do? Should I keep you alive so you could rot till death comes to you or should I kill you in this pitiful state you're currently in?" I ask tauntingly circling his shivering body in a predatory manner.

He looked at him in fear through his half-opened swollen eyes and tried to say something moving his arms as a signal, he wasn't able to so I shot him between his head ending his whole existence.

"See you in hel.l" I walked out the cell, not before giving direct instructions to the surrounding men.

"Dante discards this shit and cleans the mess and burn his carcass, or better yet feed him to the dogs."

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Bella Jersey
He is pathetic some people go to sleep and don’t care who calls them. Not to mention iPhone have a don’t disturb feature on their phone
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"...shot him between his head..."???? UMMM.... so EXACTLY how many heads does he have??? ???
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Christine Sands
Already I see something is seriously wrong with the male lead! he calls in the middle of the night and thinks she 's just sitting down ignoring his calls! DUDE! you own an entire Co. and can't deduce that MAYBE JUST MAYBE she's sleeping??! Everything isn't about you BoBo! She doesn't even no u exist

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