Chapter 4 - Prank Or Seriously!

Sapphire's POV:

I got up in the morning and went for a short jog. After returning home, I did karate work out. Punching and kicking continuously the punching bag, I felt a feral satisfaction. Might be, I was imagining the punching bag as someone. The knuckle of my right hand was throbbing a little bit.

I had breakfast and got ready for University. I opened my door to get out and see a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses. A smile automatically formed on my lips. Then I noticed that there was a small note on the side of the bouquet.

"For My Beautiful Angel and Tigress, hope this won't be rejected like my calls and text messages. Even if you intend to reject don't do it because I won't accept it. Have a wonderful day, My Love."

I rolled my eyes. What the hell! Who was this person?

I was a bit happy to see the beautiful bouquet but the note ruined that little happiness. Creep!

"Who the hell was he, huh? He doesn't accept rejection, Is that it? Okay, let me give you a taste of rejection." I say in a bitter mocking tone.

I tore a page of my pocket note pad and wrote, "You may not accept rejection but I also don't do anything to please others. If you don't want rejection then don't send flowers to me ever. I don't like pranks."

Then I placed it inside the bouquet along with his note, I let the bouquet stay on the floor in front of my apartment door.

I didn't know why I did so, It's not like I was expecting someone to come and check on the bouquet.

Then why did I write a note?

It's a shame, the beautiful flowers would be withered.

"Just let it go... Leave it be." I thought out loud patting my cheeks to snap out of it.

So many works to do! I had my part-time job, I had to go to my university classes and I usually visit Little Hope orphanage.

After quickly getting ready for the day, I grabbed an apple to munch on. I locked up the apartment and started walking to the bus stop.

A few minutes later, the bus came. I hopped on the transport and reached my university.

I entered the classroom and sat at my usual spot, Bella saw me and waved at me. But just ignored her. Then she walked to me, smiling apologetically and sat next to me, but I was impassive. To make her feel regretful for abandoning me like that she deserves to be treated like this. How could my best friend leave me alone in a horrible place?

"Saph baby, I am so sorry. Please don't be angry with me. Do you want me to kiss you, baby?" Bella said, in a dramatic way puckering her lips. I tried hard not to laugh.

"Yes, I am angry as a matter of fact I'm pissed at you. First of all, I want to remind you that I am your best friend, not your boyfriend and stop being so cheesy it doesn't suit you at all." I replied flatly with a hard expression.

"Haha, I am really really sorry, Saph. I'll make sure it won't happen again now talk to me before I splash a whole bucket of cold water on you, " Bella told me, with a hint of warning.

I rolled my eyes. "Still you dare to threaten me? huh? Do you have any idea what could have happened to me, huh? I could be gang-raped and probably be killed! And not once did you ever call me about your whereabouts." I exclaimed, glaring at Bella. She looked down in embarrassment, biting her lip.

I told her the whole story. Bella listened attentively and apologized again.

I forgave her; the problem was I couldn't stay angry with her for a long time. This bitch of a friend was my only close one since she and I both considered each other as sisters and Bella was always supportive and helpful to me.

"Bella do you know why I forgive you so quickly?" I asked bringing her attention back to me.

"Of course I do because Saph can't stay angry with her Bells, " Bella winked making both of us laugh at her antics.

I rolled my eyes again. "It is the truth that I hate most" I added.

"Okay. Saph, I won't do so ever. By the way, you have to come to my house tomorrow for dinner. Mom specially told me to take you." She mentioned.

"Is anything special tomorrow?" I enquired raising my eyebrow.

"It's my Dad's birthday, we are celebrating it with family members, relatives, and friends". Bella answered excitedly.

Suddenly I felt bad listening about family and relatives.

"Bells I would love to come but this occasion is between you and all your family members and relatives, I don't want to intrude and you know I'm not... actually..."

I got cut off by Bella "I know what you're trying to say but you are much more than a friend and a sister to me if you don't come, Mom will be very upset with me more that she will be

with you."

I couldn't refuse anymore. "Okay, I will come. You have to make your Mom prepare my favorite dish." I told her laughing.

"Yes, Mam!" She saluted me, laughing along after.

After a few minutes, the teacher entered and the lecture started.

Finally, three more classes to go and today's university classes were over.

Bella and I headed towards the cafeteria and saw James, he's from the Computer Science department that's why we had different classes. I said hello to him as we waited in line to get our food and sat together to eat.

I was literally wolfing down on my sandwiches as I had to catch up to the bus so that I could make it to my working place in time.

"Sapphire, are you okay? Why are you eating this fast?" James asked me concerned.

"Actually I have to go to my part-time job, I only have only 25 minutes to spare" I replied taking another bite of the turkey sandwich.

"Eat a bit slowly. Or you may get indigestion later. " Bella warned me in a mother like fashion I nodded.

Soon after finishing my food I stood up. They were still eating slowly.

"Guys, bye, for now. I have to go, " I told them cleaning up after myself.

"See you, " James says goodbye waving his hand.

"Don't be late tomorrow?" Bella said and I smiled at her. Then turning my body, basically ran out of the university all the way to my workplace not bothering to take the bus anymore. I worked at a cafe named "GF Cafe".

G stands for George and F stands or Flora, both of them were the owners of the Cafe, such a lovely couple of in their mid-fifties.

Flora and George were really good folks and treated me well. They are very kind. There are two more employees except me.

I entered the cafe and greeted Flora. After cleaning the dishes and cups, I folded the table napkins and started taking orders. After I was done with my shift, I went to visit 'Little Hope'.

It was an orphanage that I donated money to every month. I liked to spend my time

with the little children and I felt a similar attachment to them. I met with Ms. Moore and gave her a check for this month's donation. She's the manager of the orphanage.

"Young people like you are rare these days, Sapphire you are the living proof that humanity still exists," She spoke, holding my hands rubbing it in a tender manner.

"Oh Ms. Moore, now please don't say that about me being as good I am and I'm a deity for goodness, I'm so excited to meet with the children, " I told her grinning in excitement.

"Come this way. The children are also excited to meet their sister Saph." She took me to where children were playing.

"Sissy Saph, Hoow al yu?" (how are you)

A baby boy of around three years came running to me tugging on my long button-up shirt.

"Hello, Andy. I am good. Now have seen you, tell me how you are?" I kissed him in his cheek and picked him up.

"Um, fyne sissy Saph, why didn't y-you come earlier? You told me." He pouted making his adorable chubby cheeks to push up with the visible blush adorning his face.

I giggled at his funny but lovely expression.

"Sorry, hope you forgive me and I promise that I won't be late next time." I held out my pinky and his little pinky to hold my promise.

"Okay. play with me now." He said. I put him down and he pulled me towards the

other children as they surrounded me giving me hugs and kisses.

I played with him and also played with other children until it was dinner time for them.

Jenni, Terry, Sam, Stephan, Joy, Trisha, Christy, and so many more children loved playing with me.

They were so playful and cute, they all looked like little angels in my eyes but they were ultimately victims of cruel fates, their parents were either dead or they plainly abandoned these precious gems.

I gave them so many chocolates and I bade them goodbye promising to come back soon. Before I left Sam cried a lot and didn't want me to leave them. I just kept on repeating I'll come back.

I reached my apartment, on my doorstep, there was another bouquet of Roses, two bouquets actually it also had a note.

"Believe me, I hate pranks the most. I would do anything but pranks. Soon you will understand that love when you will be in my arms. Stay safe, my angel".

Now I was starting to realize that this wasn't a prank anymore and I didn't know why I felt that he was going to suffer from this. Whoever this idiot was, he would better stop messing with me.

I entered my apartment, going into my bedroom and. I walked into the bathroom and I took a shower. After cooking myself a simple meal, I went to the bedroom to sleep.

Again I woke up from my sleep because of a nightmare tonight, just like the endless number of the other nights. My head was pounding. I felt a bit nauseous. I decided to meet

Dr. Nethrabathi. She was my psychiatrist.

My phone rang and It was from an unknown number. I received the call.

"Hello?" I said into the phone warily.

"Angel finally accepts my call. How are you, my love?" A deep masculine voice spoke up.

"Who are you?" I asked, confusion laced in my voice

"Impatient my love? why? Did you liked my flowers?" I heard him chuckling.

"Impatient my foot! Stop sending flowers and don't ever call or message this number ever again!" I snapped harshly at the mystery guy.

"My love, you don't know me yet so I want to inform you I only do what I like to do and nobody tells me what to do. I don't like disobedience and you need to start learning to obey." Without warning, I heard his voice hardening as he growled his last few sentences. I felt strangely scared of him but decided not to pay any heed to it.

"Listen whoever you are, I don't know you and don't even want to know about you. Please

stop bothering me, I would like to consider our first and last conversation." I hung up without giving him a chance to say anything farther. Already I was feeling restless and ill from these nightmares. I didn't want to lengthen the stupid conversation anymore.

I took a sleeping pill and tried to sleep my tiredness away. After two long years, I was taking the pill once again.

Alexander's POV:

I went to my company and called my right-hand man to ask if my Angel liked the flowers I sent to her.

I was not very surprised when he said that she didn't accept my flowers, what surprised me was that she left a note in the flower bouquet telling not to send any flowers and she didn't like pleasing others. I felt proud inside she'd be a perfect queen for me, My Tigress.

I told my men to inform me about her what she did the whole day. They sent me pictures of her during lectures at the university, during her part-time job and my God, she's beautiful always. And also very hardworking.

I was also informed that she donated money to an orphanage every month. It was unexpected. I looked at the pictures of her which were taken in the orphanage. She looked so fresh, lively, happy among the children. I could see that they all loved her. She was either smiling or giggling in those images, looking like a fairy. She must love children a lot, among the children, she was also playing like a child, so carefree almost forgetting all her worries. Who would say that she was the Fierce Tigress who beat up three people alone!

She would make a wonderful mother for our future children.

She had the heart of a diamond, so pure and innocent. I didn't want anything to taint her.

I decided to send her a bouquet again.

I didn't know what to do anymore. She was driving me to the brink of insanity.

I called her at night. She received my call finally.

"Hello?" Her cautious voice responded.

"Angel finally accepts my call How are you, My love?" I asked in a teasing tone.

"Who are you?" I heard the annoyance in her voice.

"Impatient my love, why? Did you liked my flowers?" I said into the phone chuckling a bit.

"Impatient my foot! Stop sending flowers and don't ever call or message this number ever again" She replied in a harsh tone making my blood boil with anger.

I was not used to hearing such tone, I was trying to keep my calm. No one dared to use that tone with me.

"My love, you don't know me yet so I want to inform you I only do what I like to do and nobody tells me to do. I don't like disobedience and you need to start learning to obey." I say a bit sternly, growling at her. That should do the trick.

"Listen whoever you are, I don't know you and don't even want to know you please stop bothering me, I would like to consider our first and last conversation." With that being said she hung up on me. How dared she!?

This time I was furious, NO one ever dared to hang up a call on me. I mean NO ONE! I tried my very best to keep calm but the thoughts of her disrespectful words and action made my fury burn even more than before.

You have made me angry, Tigress, My Angel, my love, you may be fierce, feisty...But now

you need some taming and I am going to tame you. I am coming for you soon.

I thought to myself, I couldn't wait for her anymore I needed her with me now and I have already planned what to do to get her.

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