Chapter 5 - Angel Meets Devil!

Sapphire's POV:

Today morning I didn't to go to university, as I was about to meet my psychiatrist. I knew her well so I called her and asked her personally for an appointment. She was a close friend of my late father.

I walked to the front door and opened it to see if there was any bouquet. No bouquet.

Good, that stalker has finally stopped bothering. I smiled in victory, my note did the trick. I did my daily morning hyginene and took a bus to the clinic.

In her chamber, "Hello, Sapphire. How are you? My doctor, Dr. Nethrabarhi asked me smiling.

"Hi. I am not actually very fine, you can see. This is why I am here." I replied honestly.

"What's wrong? As I think you are here after almost a year and a half. " She mentioned.

"Yeah, my problem has recurred, " I responded looking at the paperweight of her table.

"Will you give me your history file and elaborate?" She told me softly.

"Actually for some days, I am having nightmares and whenever I got up, I always had a feeling of nauseousness and a throbbing headache. I am taking those sleeping pills again."

"Sapphire, tell me about your present life, are you worried or upset about something? Or something related to your past is bothering you?" she queried.

"No. I am normal. Not worried about anything but sometimes when I feel lonely, the past comes to my mind and I get upset"I answered.

"Sapphire, I want you to continue your previous medicines for two months and like to advise something, " she added.

"What?" I asked.

"I think you are single. Try going into a relationship. It can help you lessen your loneliness and lighten your mind. Sometimes try visiting parks, amusement parks, movie theatres, etc. Try to enjoy your life like a little young lady. Don't stay building walls around you. Then you will see life will offer you many amazing things you could ever imagine." She suggested.

I took a deep breath.

"I am afraid to get into any kind of relationship. When I was rejected and left by my own Mother, who would want me? I can't tolerate any more rejection, the betrayal." I continued with a long pause. I was fidgeting my fingers. I bit my lower lip.

I could feel my eyes filled with unshed tears though my voice was void of any emotion.

"You should be optimistic. What had happened to you was not your mistake; don't deprive yourself because of your past." She encouraged me.

"I will see to that advise" I told her and decided to take my leave.

"How many days it had been that you visited a park?" She asked.

"Umm, three years almost." I blurted. I don't know why I was a little hesitant to say this. I continued fidgeting my fingers and then looked at her face.

Her eyes went a little wide and mouth shaped like a small 'O'. Surprise was evident in her expression.

"Not every time medicine, therapies can affect, dear. Sometimes you have to try yourself too. Visiting parks, movies, sharing problems with somebody, etc. will definitely soothe our mind. These help us to forget unnecessary worries. I am telling you to start visiting the park if you happen to be free today, do visit a park". She opined.

"Okay. I will try." I replied her with an usure smile

I took my leave and looked at my watch. It was 10.11 am, still quite early. Already I had skipped my university. I didn't have my work shift today so I could go to a park. At least I should listen to my doctor. At least try.

There was a park near my part-time work cafe. I walked a few minutes and reached there.

Today's weather was not so hot. It was a bit cloudy and breezy. Felt nice to walk. I sat on a bench. The park was huge. Many children came to play with their parents, especially with their mothers. Children were happily smiling, giggling and playing. Mothers were also smiling in contentment. Many children were playing hide and seek in small bushes. Though mothers could see them easily, they pretended to find them.

Whenever I looked at their happy faces along with their mothers, an unknown emptiness engulfed me. A strange type of loneliness. I sighed deeply

Out of nowhere, a bunch of balloons hit my head, while it was flying. I grabbed the ribbon of these balloons and put them beside me on the bench. It might be slipped from the hand of any child.

I was looking at the playing children. They were so happy. I could not help but take another deep breath feeling a little bit of jealousy.

Suddenly I felt a tug on my jeans. Looking down, I saw a cute little boy of around two or three. He was indicating towards the balloons.

I smiled and asked, "Your balloons?"

He nodded shyly.

I gave it to him and pinched his chubby cheeks and nose.

He smiled and signaled me to lower my head and I did it. He then kissed my cheek. I also kissed him back.

"Oh my God, Ryan! You are here? Why did you run? Do you know how worried mommy was?" A petite woman in her late twenty came running after the baby boy.

"Mommy, seeee I found ma(my) balloons heere(Here). Dis(this) sistah gave me." he indicated me with his finger and looked at his mom.

"Have you said thanks to her?" she asked.

"No mommy, " he said apologetically.

"Then say." his mom ordered.

"Thank you prettty prettyy(pretty) sistah" The boy said adorably.I once again kissed his cheeks.

"Your child is very lovely, " I told his mom.

"Thank you. Bye." They went.

This adorable mom and kid duo made me remember my past. I was never loved by my mother like this. She never said she was worried for me. A fibril of my bitter past flashed before my eyes.

"Mom I am sorry. Please forgive me. I was wrong. I was wrong. Please don't keep me here mommy. Mommy, I am hungry. Please give me something to eat. I won't cry even if you give me Tommy's cookies. Mom, I promise I will clean them again."

My body was trembling and tears were flowing like a river. I was hiccupping so hard. Feeling difficulty in breathing.

"Oh just shut up, stupid trash! You are nothing but a goddamn burden to me. You can't even clean dishes, Why should I give you food? Such wastage of my grains. Your face makes me angry now. I should have aboredt you when you were in my womb, but just for your emotional fool father I couldn't." She snarled.

Her face grimaced as she spoke the last words. It showed deep hatred, disgust.

Was I that odious!!!

She wanted to kill me even before my birth! I was frozen in shock.

I cried hard as I remembered my loving father.His absence made me more miserable. Where my loving father has gone to, leaving his princess?

"Mom I beg you please, don't leave me here. I am afraid of darkness. Please mom. I will listen to everything you will say. I won't want to eat even if I am hungry, just don't lock me here." I cried and screamed in horror holding my mother's feet.

She jerked his feet to push me away. I landed on the floor.

"Honey where are you? Come to me. I was waiting for you in the bedroom so long" A loud voice came suddenly from the bedroom.

"Don't touch me, you irritating piece of dirt. Are you trying to wake up the whole neighborhood? Stay here silently or next day I will kick you out of the house."

She went out of the darkroom shutting the door, leaving me all alone.

I was trembling in fear, my teeth were rattling and sweat was formed with beads on my forehead. I took myself at the corner of the room and sat down, bringing my knees near my chest. Burying my head in between my knees, I tried to feel a bit peace. Eyes were shut tightly and closed my ears with my palms.

Shiver took me, I was crying hard. Inhaling a shallow breath I tried to take another.

I curled myself into a ball.

I couldn't remember when I got asleep crying so hard. This was every night routine of my childhood.

Those happy children and their childhood made me remember my childhood which was not at all happy. It was the worst and most undesirable in every way.Tears were rolling down my cheeks and dripping through my chin and fell in my hand.

I touched my cheek and wiped my tears. I didn't understand when I started crying thinking about my past.

It had been many years. But the wound of my childhood was still fresh in my heart. With a simple stir, it opened up and started to bleed. Even after so many years, I couldn't compose myself, my pathetic self.

Oh God, help me.

I want to get free from my past.

Oh God, why are doing this to me? Please help me forget my past. I prayed.

"Are you alright?" I came back to earth hearing those words. A person sitting beside me on the same bench. He looked a bit concerned and a lot more curious.

He was wearing an expensive looking suit. Must be Armani. He was handsome too. Tall, toned, muscular body with a greek god like face.

Who visits the park wearing this expensive suit, boot and tie? I wondered.

"Yeah. Ah-hm. I am-m okay." I stammered.

"I don't think so. You are pale and sweating. Here, take this." He offered me his handkerchief.

"Huh. Am I?" I bubbled touching my forehead. He extended his hand holding the handkerchief.

I wanted to refuse but didn't know why I accepted. He seemed like a gentleman.

"Thank you." I thanked him sincerely.

I wiped my tears, sweat and it got dirty.

"If you don't mind can I ask why were you crying? Is everything alright?" He asked looking at my eyes directly, like he really had to know the reason.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable that a stranger saw me like this, I was fidgeting my fingers again.

"Ohh. It's nothing. But I have to go now. Thanks for this handkerchief. But it got dirty. I don't think you want to take it back now." I forced out a smile.

"You can take it for now, " he added.

"Then I won't be able to give it back." I uttered.

"Ha ha ha. Don't worry about that. What I am supposed to take back, I take that back no matter what. You will surely find me again to give it. We will meet again." he depicted.

I found his words kinda strange and creepy. I decided to leave.

How was he so sure that we will meet again? We were mere strangers.

"Thanks then, bye." I bade and stood up.

"Stay safe, bye." I smiled politely. I turned on my heel and started walking. Then it hit me suddenly. He said 'Stay safe'.

In the letter given with bouquet, It was written 'Stay safe'.

Then was he my stalker? My walking halted.

I turned my head to see him carefully. He was still sitting there and smirked at me. I didn't want to stay there any longer. I left the place instantly.

He is a mere stranger. Not my stalker. He said to stay safe as I was crying. Nothing more. I tried to pacify my mind.

I came out of the park. I had to cross the road as I wanted to buy an ice cream. I wanted to have some after many days. Ice cream parlor was on the other side of the road. I saw two children were crossing the road with ice cream in their hands from another side. Suddenly I noticed a car was coming from behind.

The children were so engrossed in licking ice cream, giggling and crossing roads that they didn't hear the honking of the car. There must be a problem. Why the car was't stopping? Though it was giving horns, it was still running, it should stop. But I didn't stop. At this rate, the children were going to get hit by the car.

Without thinking anything, I ran towards the road. I had a little time, I had to cross the road before the car and move the children and save them. It was risky. If I delayed, I could die. I had to take the risk to save these two innocent flowers.

I ran and then crossed the road, quickly pick them up in front of the car with my two hands and push my body in the road. The car ran passing me. My body landed on the hard concrete road and in this process.

"Ahhhhhhh." I moaned as my body hit the concrete. I felt pain in my knees and one of my elbows, in which I put all the pressure of my body.

"Ouch."... I touched my knee. It was aching badly. Then I looked at the road.

Blood! A small red rag.

Off no!

It was not any rag. It was a torn part of my sleeve. My shirt was torn. My elbow was bleeding. I gritted my teeth, to be honest it was paining badly.

Then suddenly my attention fixed at the children hearing their loud crying.

One of them was shaking. Ice creams from their hands fell on the ground.

"Hey, babies!? Are you both alright?" I asked.

They nodded. They was scared and shocked.

What would happen If I weren't here. They could get hit. Where were their parents? Why could people leave their children alone like this?!

Suddenly I heard a big bang noise, the collision of the car.

The car that passed us just hit the lamppost.

"Where is your mom guys?" I asked them.

"In the park, " They said, pointing to the park.

"Okay, I will take you there. Now wipe eyes, brave babies." I tried to encourage them because they seemed very scared.

I stood up somehow, ignoring shooting pain in my left knee. Then a woman with a very big belly came toward us.

"Thank you very much. If you weren't here, my babies would... I am their mom. I was coming after them. Actually, they are naughty and came before me running very quickly. As you can see I cannot walk quickly, so I couldn't keep up with their pace. The car most probably has failed its brake. Driver has also injured himself." She thanked me.

"No problem." I assured.

"You are injured. Please come with me to the hospital." She requested.

"No. It's okay." I told.

"I insist. Please." she pleaded holding my one hand.

Then I went to the nearest hospital and to get medical help and came back my home.

My elbow and left knee were still paining. There were three or four scratches in my right leg and both hands.

I carefully freshened up myself without let the water touch my wounds. Then retired to my bed to relax a bit. I had to order food as it would be painful for me to cook. My cell phone beeped.

Three messages. I frowned.

"How are you feeling my angel? Are you alright? or you are in pain? Don't ever do this. If you ever put yourself in risk I will punish you badly." - The first message.

"Have you eaten my angel? Don't sleep without eating, if I get to know that you slept without eating I won't like it and babe believe me you also don't want to see me this way." The second message.

"Rest My Sweet Angel, soon I will have you in my arms, make love and soothe all your pain. Stay safe."- The third message.

Suddenly I felt angry.

I was in enough pain; I couldn't cook any food so lay down on an empty stomach.

Now this stalker had already put me in a sour mood. But he was right, I was hungry. But no food. I didn't want to eat takeout foods either.

Pouting, I placed my head on the pillow then my doorbell rang.

Arrgh! Who was it now?! I stood up and limped to the door.

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