Chapter 11 - Bird Is Caged Now!

Third Person's POV:

Sapphire was lying on a soft mattress. She tried to open her heavy eyelids. Eyes were puffy, red. Her head was pounding in pain. She tried to lift her hands but they felt too heavy. She lifted her right hand slowly.

Opening her eyes, she saw an unknown surrounding. She was in a large, cozy room. It was filled with luxurious furniture.

It was not her dorm room.

Where the hell am I?

She thought to herself.

Slowly her foggy mind began to recall her memories one by one. She went out to collect her lost bag, then the sudden encounter with goons, someone pressed a cloth in her nose and she blacked out and was carried to a car.

Oh God, I am kidnapped! Where am I? Who Kidnapped me. The voice I heard last sounded so familiar.

She was thinking of all these things.

She got up and sat on the bed. Then she tried to step out o

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