chapter 15 - Escape!

Sapphire's POV:

Alexander told me to get ready at 8 in the morning. I was already ready before this time. I was thinking about how to distract Alexander. I must distract him and send him distant to execute my plan. He always had three burly bodyguards around me, so that I couldn't run away. I had to deal with them with intellect, not by the fist. They were way too much strong and big. They were not my match.

I packed my suitcase and had a small side bag with me which had two diamond jewelry sets and some expensive brand new dresses and two shoes.

Judging how expensive they were, I could sell them at a market. In Alexander's house, I used one of his laptops and found where could I sell brand new clothes, shoes, and jewelry and get cash. What could I do? My purse was not with me. It's all Alexander's fault. If he hadn't kidnapped me, nothing of these would have happened.

I was in Chicago; I knew this place as I had

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