Chapter 16 - Blur!

Sapphire's POV:

I was looking at this sick maniac in horror. He was totally evil.

"Were you following me?" I asked him.

"Yeah. And why not, I couldn't forget about this sexy body of yours. Every night I dreamt of fucking you rough and hard, just thinking about you makes me hard as iron." He snickered.

I cringed in disgust.

"Remember the gunshot? It was also my doing." He mentioned.

"That bloody bastard Alexander thinks his mansion is impregnable but little does he know that his own people betrayed him." He laughed, rubbing his stubble.

"But don't worry he won't come to rescue you. Do you know why? Why? Why?" He teased.

"Why?" I asked timidly in fear, frowning in confusion.

He took his phone and showed me an image, which hit me like thunder.

In the picture, he was kissing my lips, fisting my hair and my eyes

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Good story, but translation & sentence structure is throwing me off.

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