Chapter 22 - Know Her a Bit! (Again)

Dr. Nethbathi demanded to know what has happened with Sapphire.

"She was raped and the gentleman standing here raped her. My kid now can't even recognize people, " said Mr. Benson, suddenly entering into the room.

Alexander's jaw clenched and he exhaled a deep breath. He couldn't look at them, was too ashamed of himself. He raped the love of his life, destroyed his hopes, the person who saved his life.

What a wonderful rendition of kindness he had returned to her!

"I want to make things right from now on. Tell me what happened to her in the past?" Alexander lifted his gaze and asked them.

"I don't know what to say, I never thought Mr. Rodriguez you could do something so vile to somebody. I think what people say is not true, you are much worse and crueler than the rumor." Dr. Nethrabathi said.

She continued, "Sapphire's had many problems before, she suffered from severe stress

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