Chaptrr 23 - First Step!

Third person's POV:

"After examining Sapphire's CT scan and MRI reports, I have come to the conclusion that she doesn't have any serious brain injury. But she is suffering from amnesia. Symptoms of temporal retrograde amnesia which was caused by the injury of her head and dissociative amnesia which was caused by the emotional shock are both evident in her. Her PTSD has also taken a serious turn. I can prescribe her antidepressant drug but there is no specific medicine to treat her amnesia. We have to work on it slowly and patiently." Dr. Nethrabathi finished.

"If she is having amnesia, then how come she can remember past incidents?" Alexander enquired.

"Every patient is different, Mr. Rodriguez. Her condition is complicated because I think she is suffering from both temporal and dissociative amnesia at the same time. Normally temporal retrograde amnesia is caused by head injury. As she was hit in the head, I believe that caused te

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