Chapter 52 - Mother!

One month later, Third Person's POV:

Sapphire is trying to live her life normally. It's true finally she was able to sleep without fear. When she thought that her past tormentor was no more, she breathed in relief every time.

A different, a strange type of relief washed over her mind. But emptiness was also there, each time took her over.

Michael's one sentence still rang inside her ear.

Your mother should care for you. She was a bitch to you in the first place. I got an advantage.

Every time this rang inside her ear, tears stung her eyes. Michael was a vile, despicable person but what he said was true after all.

Sapphire was grateful to Alexander that he killed Michael. She was also shocked that a mafia war was about to happen just to take Alexander Rodriguez down, but Alexander didn't inform anything to her so that she didn't worry about that, he kept everything to himself an

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