Chapter 57 - Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez

Third Person's POV:

Three and a half years later, Today, Alexander was sitting proudly, clapping his hands looking at the stage.

Sapphire was receiving a gold medal for her outstanding academic performance. Today she was graduating from the university and it was her graduation ceremony. A bright smile was plastered on her angelic face.

She gracefully walked to the stage and gave her speech. Everyone present there clapped their hands and cheered for her. She was an icon to the students, a great learner to the teachers.

Today, she stepped one step ahead in the way to reach her dream to be a scientist.

Sapphire descended from the stage and hugged Alexander.

"Alexanderrrrrrr!" She exclaimed in joy.

"You made it, angel. I am so proud of you."

Alexander's parents, Devon, Lily also came to double her happiness of the great achievement.

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