Shades Of The Billionaire
Shades Of The Billionaire
Author: Ashea Sparks

The loud music banging outside the club and crowd screams in ecstasy. Handsome boys

and pretty girls are swigging on the bottom of the whiskey's bottle. The bass boosting at the hyper sonic waves, making the dance floor explode.

The slutty women are preying eyes on the heavy pockets of the suit wearers, adjusting their cleavage to trap the lustful eyes in them. What all they got? A good fuck for night, I better say a dirty place then a toilet bowl.

These kinds of women don't attract me, not anymore. We can say, I was young and stupid! At an early age, I had enough money to spend on the articles people thought of buying in their dreams. Perks of being a grandson of the billionaire, I did what other can't get their hands on, whether it was the most amazing car in the market or the most popular girls in the school.

I was sitting in the cabin with my headphone on, blasting the best of trance to make these scums dance on my gestures. The atmosphere is getting hotter even the air inlets are working perfectly.

As I wipe the sweat from the forehead, I glance at someone at the front of the cabin. A girl, in a backless body con dress. She is a bomb shell. Just looking at her gives me a hard time. She smiles and gesture me to hear her words.

I put down my headphones and approach her, “Hi! New girl, right? I haven’t seen you before.” I ask in a flirtatious way.

She nods her head in a seductive way and put her hair on the other side of the neck, revealing a tattoo. Actually a symbol but I can’t figure it out.

“Can you play my jam?" she makes a request.

I smirk and grin widely while accepting her little request. I play one of the latest trances for her and wait to see her setting the dance floor on fire. The way she moves her sinful curvy body with that ass bumping on the beats, making my cock up straight.

She twerks like a slut and highlights her spot in the crowd. Hundreds of hungry eyes are roaming over her body where somewhere I smell something burning in jealousy. I subconsciously rub my pants while increasing the tempo and the beats.

All the time, her gaze strikes with mine like she is purposely dancing to tease me. My emotion is overflowing and the moment is running out of my hands. I exit the cabin and make sure to make an eye contact before I leave the club.

I went to the parking, stand near my shining Mustang GT, and wait for that slut to arrive and then I hear random footsteps in the driveway.

“I thought you left soon.” She blurts out.

“Not without you!” I turn to look at her and grab her inside the car.

“Remove them; I want to watch you naked!” I command in serious tone and enjoyed the strip show.

She sits naked in front of me, roaming her hands over her body, “do I look beautiful, now?” she asks innocently.

Well played bitch! Well played! I smirk while looking at her and point my finger at the zipper of my pants.

She smiles and blushes while teasing me, her hands run over my groin. As her makes a move to unzip my pants, I grab her hand and push her on the door.

“What a complete slut you are. For some money, you are ready to sleep with a stranger?” I state furiously and she looks confused.

“You asked for that?” she defends herself.

“If I ask you to die for me, would you?” I hiss dangerously but she remains silent.

I open the door of my car and kicks her out, “slut like you lives under dicks of billionaires!” I spit and drive away from the fucking crazy speed.

The engine roars and my baby cuts the airs as it slashes through the roads. I stop the car near the main gate and get inside. Its pass the midnight as I glance at the antique pendulum clock set in the living hall.

I make silent steps to my room when the lights turned on and I face my biggest


“Blaine! What is this time? You should have been home four hours ago!” Grandma scolds


“Leave it Cecilia, he is young and bachelor. Let him enjoy because once I get retired he will be crowned with responsibilities.” Here is my Grandpa but I call him Papa, taking my side like every time.

“Oh! No! Papa! Not this topic, again.” I whine.

“Well! For one day, you have to take over the Ashford Cos as the owner and I will be flying to Hawaii with my lovely wife.” He winks at me

“Go to your room, Blaine! I will talk to you tomorrow!” Grandma orders and I get to my room.

I change my clothes after a long shower and take out my books to complete my assignment. After my part time DJs, I have to be a topper of my school as well. My Grandparents don't know what am I doing behind their back but I have plans for myself.

I don't want to hold my grip on my family business, that's all black properties but I want to build myself, for myself. I pack my bag for school. I check the time, 2:27 A.M.

I smirk as the plan for tomorrow is set and I will rock.

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