A Sister's Jealousy
A Sister's Jealousy
Author: Faith Odulesi

With every thrust in, I could not hold back the image of Justine. Instead of Sam's hands holding my waist to support himself as he grind deeper and faster into me, Justine was all I could see.

I moaned loud, lost in the splendor that followed the feeling of a king sized cock going in and out of my moist core.

I was close to an orgasm. I shut my eyes tight, panting and moaning like I was in a porn studio. "Justine, I'm coming!" I yelled at Sam. Regardless of how lost he was in his sexual lust, he pulled out and let go off my waist.

"Shit." I cussed, realizing my mistake. I sat up and met the glare on Sam's bearded face. He laid on his back and pulled the blankets up to shield his nakedness.

"I am-" I began an apology but he stopped me with a quick raise of his hand.

"I don't want to hear it Ally, keep it to yourself." He frowned, turning to his side so he had his back on me.

I sighed and got out of bed. This wasn't the first time I had called out the wrong name during sex with my boyfriend. I picked my clothes lying around on the floor, ignoring the fact the room looked like a tornado had swept in.

I slipped into the bathroom to rinse myself from all form of sexual activity.


"I'll call you once I get home." I announced to Sam while I sat in front of the mirror and drew my hair into a ponytail. Securing it with an hairband, I zipped open my purse and brought out a red lipstick.

"Hmm." He scoffed. He had not stood up from the bed and had been lying in the same position for as long as thirty minutes.

I smacked my lips together, did a little pout at the mirror then returned my lipstick into my purse.

I stood from the dressing chair and got into my pair of slip-ons. Ready to leave, I turned to him. I sat by his side on the edge of the bed and wrapped my arms around him. "Baby," I called, planting a wet kiss on his cheek. "You know I love you, right?"

He ignored me with a plain groan and folded his arms across his chest. I had to refrain from rolling my eyes at his childish actions. "Come on now, you know how I get with fictional boys. I read too many erotic novels for my own good and the characters just slip into my head. That is how great you are in bed." I played with the hair on his chin and tried to convince him to forgive me.

"Now please, don't be that guy." I sighed and craned his head to look at me. "Please, baby?" I kissed his forehead, cupping his cheeks in my hands.

He sighed in defeat and nodded in understanding. "It isn't that, I just hate it when you do stuff like that." He stared into my orbs and tried to make the best of the situation.

"And I'm sorry." I forced a pout, giving him the best version of a puppy eyes. "Forgive me?"

He smiled at that and pulled me in for a tight hug. "I love you Ally, and you know it."

"I love you too, Sam." I pulled away from him and stood to leave. "I owe you an orgasm." I winked at him and clutched my purse tight in my grip.

He leaned forward and slapped my butt, "yeah you do."

I shook my head at him and made my way out of the building.


"I'm home." I announced as I walked into number 5, Alice drive. The apartment I lived in with my parent and my sisters. The greatest part of having sisters like mine, was the fact that we were triplets, and identical.

"You are just in time to help me bake cookies." Becca yelled from the kitchen, earning an eye roll from me as I slammed the door shut.

I tossed my purse carelessly on a couch and groaned, "ugh."

I strolled into the kitchen and smiled at her. She looked like someone who had been beat up, dressed in flour and baggy clothes. "You came home late, what's up?" She beamed at me, turning the heat on the microwave on.

"I was at Sam's." I smirked, jumping to sit on the counter. She was the only one without a boyfriend in the trio.

"Ooh. I see." She teased, placing the tray of cookies into the oven.

"Where is Caramel?" I wondered, noticing my other sister's absence in the room. She loved baking cookies with Becca, I was the odd one out.

"She is getting dressed upstairs, she is going on a dinner date." She informed me. I felt the jealousy hit through my heart. My sisters were my best friends and I would kill anyone just for them but there was one flaw.

"He should be here anytime soon." Becca shrugged, joining me on the kitchen counter.

"Care to tell me how your day went?" She beamed in excitement. Baking food turned her on, I had to say. She slung an arm around my shoulder and turned to me for an answer.

I was about to give her a response when the door bell rang. "I'll get it." I announced, jumping to my feet and hurrying to the door.

I turned the knob and my breathe seized. In front of me was the human I adored the most in my life, standing there, tall and built. His long hair sitting in a neat bun on his head. His shaved face having a huge grin plastered on it. Maybe he would think I was her and give me a hug...

"Ally, or Becca!" He smiled, "great to see you." I guessed not...

I was too carried away worshiping him that I had not heard Caramel run down the stairs and towards the door.

"Justine!" She beamed, ignoring my presence and pushing me out of her way, almost causing me to fall. "I'm glad you are here." She said, wrapping her arms around him.

I watched in pain as my sister hugged the man I loved close to her chest. Yes, I was in love with my sister's boyfriend.

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