91 - Trees and Forests

"You should come help me."

Jia had allowed Ava into the outer office when the woman came knocking, not bothering to ask how she had managed to come exactly at a time when Atlas and Lydia were in one of the conference rooms on the lower floor for a meeting. Then again, those two were getting busier and busier, and nearly a third of their day was simply attending video conferences; perhaps it was a coincidence after all.

She had to stop suspecting Ava just because she was jealous. And she knew that was the reason, too. She had promised herself a week ago after the conversation in Atlas's car that she would remain self-aware, that she would handle herself with integrity when it came to the other woman. This was business. This was professional.

...It was still hard.

"What can I help you with?"

Her response was the right one. She knew it already, but there was a pleased glint in Ava's eye as if she were impressed that Jia hadn't come running up with her

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goodnovel comment avatar
Also I would literally hate it forever if my boyfriend was forced to be around or work with an ex Yeesh
goodnovel comment avatar
Despite the bad past between Ava and atlas. Yes atlas did Ava wrong. But I still don’t like Ava. She is like a female version of the hard side of atlas. Haha. And not a good thing. I think jia is her opposite. Soft and kind and considerate. She is all things good that atlas needs.
goodnovel comment avatar
See Thao
I really hope our Jia stay true to herself. Ava is a bad influence.

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