94 - Choices

Clearly, they weren't going to be heading back into the building anytime soon. Jia took a deep breath before turning to look at Ava, making sure her face betrayed nothing but steady composure.

"You care about Atlas," she said shortly, "and so do I. It's your right to doubt my intentions, but our relationship is ours and no one else's. Meaning that it's his choice to stay in one with me, just like it's my choice to do the same with him."

"So, in other words, you don't care. About letting the company crash because you can't give him up?"

"...I'll consider everything you said to me today. You can interpret my intentions however you want. I care about Atlas. He is important to me. So is Pandora Lights. I am not 'giving' either of them up like I'm swapping trading cards."

"That's a nice, self-righteous way of saying you'd rather screw the whole company over rather than let go of his money. Before you say it's not about that, I'll just remind you that it's funn

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Kaia D
I can't fricken stand her. Good character writing though ?
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Trisha Sunshine
What a twatwaffle thundercunt. Get a lawyer and sue for visitation.
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LM Boykin
great chapters your on a roll.. love all the chapters

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