Falling in love wasn't the plan
Falling in love wasn't the plan
Author: Chantinglove138

1. Cool captain, Alex Ragnar

Chapter 1. Cool captain, Alex Ragnar (the bad boy)


Extreme silence embraced the ground as everyone's heart beats increased and the faces paled. The college's football team was just a goal away from winning the finals of the International football tournament, and marking a magnificent place in the history of the champions. 

"We see everyone is nervous. We should be since the game has come to a tough point! The Royal Riders are just one goal behind from winning this tournament that is going on from the last two weeks. Fans are praying for their desired team… The players are doing their best too. Let's see who wins the trophy in their name! Elegant Aces are not yet ready to give up, now that is what we call sporting spirit"

The commentator shouted on the mic, setting everyone's heart on fire. It was the last minute of anxiety before the game's end as the Royal Riders team's hot captain stood across the net aiming the target, taking a perfect angle for a goal while the goalkeeper prepared himself to defend it. 

On the go of the whistle, the ball flew in the mid air falling directly inside the net past the defender— and ohhh!!!! 


The audience that had come to cheer for Royal Riders from Springfield Academy, rose from their seats bursting in a mess of hoots as there in the ground, the hot captain of their college's football team showed them a thumbs up running wildly, screaming on top of his lungs. 

Once again the defending champions won the tournament! 

When everyone was busy celebrating their win, how could the topper of the college stay behind in the race! 

"Yess, we won!" Adjusting her fat glasses, Amara Rebello, jumped in excitement. 

Nevertheless, her excitement evaporated when she noticed that the girl sitting next to her was staring at her strangely as though she was a zombie. 

"Sorry!" Amara whispered an apology as she got up from the seat post giving Alex, the captain of the winning team, a last glance of appreciation. 

Soon she was out of the playground heading to her hostel. Amara was sucking on her green apple flavoured lollipop she bought before entering the ground as she strode on the dark street alone with her heavy bag.

 She never wanted to come to the ground to see the match. She rather was supposed to study. It's just that when her eyes fell on the poster put up in the corridor near the girl's common room, when she was filling her water bottle, at Alex Ragnar's heart skipping photo, she could not stop herself. 

It was supposed to be her study time as per her daily schedule yet Amara broke it today.

 "He is a good player. I admire him so much." Her hands gripped around the straps of her bag, the moon lightened her path as she walked further toward the girl's hostel that's a few metres away from the college's football ground. 

Although she never had a chance to talk to him, she just could not take her eyes off of him.

 Nah, dare anyone say she has a crush on him! Coz it was not! She just admired him for his fine playing skills and his charming personality. In fact, she took him as her ideal. 

He was so participative and confident— something Amara lacked. 

"Alex Ragnar, congratulations to you!" Heaving a breath of fresh air she wished him before unlocking her room. 

No matter what, life has to anyway go back on its track.

 Tomorrow morning would again be the same old boring morning where she would sit in the last bench in the class behind the star students of the college— alone. 

Nobody will spare her a glance but all the eyeballs will be fixed on him, the entire academy's crush— Alex Ragnar. 

"Don't be disheartened Amara, life is great. Thank the Lord for giving you this life." Like every other night, she thanked God for blessing her a healthy life despite having nothing called thrill in life. 

She was born a princess. A daughter to one of the richest businessmen in the country, she still lacked recognition and friends. Because she was different. She was normal and…. shy. And ugly as she always wore big glasses and tied her hair into ponytails. 

Amara Rebello, though, was intelligent and rich, she was normal. 

She loved loose big clothes that covered her properly, unlike other girls who found pleasure in wearing super-mini skirts and short tops. 

 "And bless my parents for whatever they are doing for me. Give them a healthy life. Make George less destructive. And Alex… " Amara bit her tongue as she could not think what to pray for him. 

He was blessed with everything an individual would want! 

"Give Alex more victories." With that she finished and pulled the quilt on her body, closing her eyes for a good night's sleep. 


" Good morning! "

She smiled at everyone who watched her walking inside the class but not everyone happens to be as friendly as you are, right!

 Amara looked down on her neat canvas shoes whilst biting her lips nervously. Again, nobody replied to her smiles. Not even did they acknowledge her greetings. 

Having felt as usually overlooked, she sat in her accustomed place where she could hide herself from the eyes of others. The last bench. 

Those eyes that only glared at her for her unpleasant extraordinarily normal appearance that seemed as an alien to everyone. Henceforth, 'Better be unnoticed than being noticed that rewards you with a disgusting look!' has been her mantra ever since she stepped into this college last year. 

Though the first year has been good as she had friends to sit with and talk normally, but as it is rightly said that, People change along with time, her friends changed too. 

They left her in solidarity by the time the first year ended. She was left alone on her own as her friends— or say the fake friends, who stayed with her in the beginning, all moved on. 

They joined the group of those girls who moved guys on their fingers! The queen bees who enjoyed attention from all the guys on campus. Now they don't even recognize her name. 

To be honest, she could be one of them too. Alas, Amara did not want popularity where she would be called a bitch or a dick sucking slut for nicknames. Rather, she decided to stay back as the same old boring Amara who wears clothes that cover her body like a gauze around a wound. 

She chose her baggy clothes over popularity that made sure that her breasts as well as booty were concealed from the stares of horny guys in the campus.

She chose to keep her silky thick hair tied in either two plates or a pony rather than damaging them with disgusting dyes and heats. 

She preferred to keep her dark innocent ocean blue eyes layered with glasses of her specs rather than putting on lenses as it made her feel more comfortable. 

Above all— she was happy to sit on the last bench that kept her hidden from the hawk-like eyes of playboys. 

She didn't want to cause problems for herself hence she chose a boring life over a sexy savoring life that could be hers so easily! 

Anyway, Amara was so lost in her thoughts that she could not even see Professor Mario was in the class. The faculty who took the subject, Principles of Management. 

"Good morning, students. Pull out your books as we are going to note down some important points." Professor said while the students settled in their seats. 

The entire class was available except the guy that Amara has eagerly been waiting for and also, the hot cheerleader, Bella. 

Bella Mendez dated many, cheated many, broke up with many thus staying as the heartless hot girl in the campus. But according to the new sources, it was revealed she was dating Alex.  

Amara's eyes simultaneously focused on the board as well as the door which was next to the board itself, hoping to see him. She was eager to catch a glimpse of his face. 

Unfortunately, he never appeared! 

"Shit! Stop that Amara, focus on your study." She scolded herself looking down in the notebook blankly. 

Fifteen minutes passed, and she had successfully pulled herself out of his thoughts. The lecture was as always going interesting. Professor Mario teaches it in a way it becomes interesting. 

Amara was busy copying down the important points when unexpectedly there rose a wave of 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' in the class with a row of claps. As she whiningly upped her head, her breaths stuck looking at the most awaited guy, Alex Ragnar. Her eyes gleamed in excitement and a happy grin crept on her mouth. 

However, he was not alone. There was Bella following him. And she perceived that the new sources were true. They were… possibly dating because Bella was blushing as hell while Alex smirked. 

"You are excused this time but not again, Ragnar. Take your seat and focus in the class. Celebration can be done after the lecture ends " Alex sheepishly smiled, looking around in the class. 

He avoided the professor's words as he shook his head around, looking for a place to sit his ass. 

Surprisingly, all the seats were occupied. One that was there was taken by Bella. There was no other seat available— except the one next to Amara in the last bench. 

She was still blinking her lashes unusually and failed to notice when he came and sat next to her. 

Having put his empty bag on the desk, he made himself comfortable, "Hi" and greeted Amara without sparing her a glance, astonishing her stars. 

She only blinked her eyes while fidgeting with her pen. Amara looked around in the class and pinched herself, and then lowered her head in order to hide her smile— because the most popular guy of the college really wished her! 

Not just that… HeHe was also sitting next to her. No way. 

Gosh, how was she supposed to concentrate now! 

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