4. Bloody show off!

A student's life is a game that has different levels. Those levels are categorized according to the intensity of a student's understanding level. And for poor Alex, the levels were damn difficult to cross lol. Yeah, they were otherwise he would not have been sitting the library amidst the pile of books across him on the table.

It was not shocking to himself alone but to the others too who entered and exited the library! It was as hard as anything to comprehend when their peepers spotted him. He was from those students who had a phobia of the books, someone who would run away soon after getting to know there was a test and here Alex sat With a pile of books, shuffling through pages with a stern and stiff face!

There were girls walking from here and there making sure the librarian was not looking over them while they tried to birdwatch Alex.

Minutes turned into hours since the morning and he kept sitting there flipping the pages of different books simultaneously. "I deserve to fail!" he exclaimed to himself looking up from the book at the clock. "Only if I had respected the time and studied something than watching movies in my free time then today this would not have been this difficult." so true.

If flipping through pages could make someone top the examinations than today almost everyone had been toppers with hundred percent results. Anyway, the clock kept striking hours still the famous captain continued to study.

After over an hour later, Alex hit his head in the books, exhausted. Spending hours with no break was of no good to him. The content he read from different books made him forget whatever he read earlier and that only continued till the end of patience level.

Hmm it must be hard to remember studd, isn't it! Don't know how all those scholar students in the class do it! It is not a student like Alex's cup of tea. He still has his head in the book when the librarian walked over to him, her finger lightly poked his shoulder making. "Alex!" He did not look up. She poked him in the shoulder yet again, still it was of no work.

The librarian gained all her strength and shouted loudly his name that he kind of slipped out of his chair. "Gosh, that was terrifying!" he rubbed his ear lobe with a cocky face.

"Sorry for that, however you will have to leave now. I have to lock the library, the time is up, Alex. All the other students have left, so should you." She looked around in the hall that he followed her gaze and realize— indeed the entire area was empty. There was not even a single person other than them!

The librarian felt bad staring over at his appearance, his hairs have messed up and eyes seeming dizzy despite that— he wished to study. She can't help but praise his will power. Even though she was disappointed of him for wasting his time and now struggling with the preparation yet her eyes looked over his face with admiration.

"Everyone has gone!" he told himself more than asking her. The short haired librarian smiled witha nod of head answering his question non verbally. "Ohh well, then I must leave too. Thanks for letting me sit here for so long, ma'am." Thanking her for her help that she provided during the search for the necessary books and other reasons too, Alex accumulated her stuff.

She felt bad for asking him to leave amidst his serious study when she very well knew that after exiting the foots he will drive to his destination that is nothing but a bar or a disco yet she cannot do anything better to help as it has already been the time to close the library. Half the evening was up already. It was 6.15 pm now.

Never mind, Alex did not let his determination dwindle or shiver. Having his textbooks in his hands as he moved near the door he looked back at the books that the librarian was shelfing back in their places. Ohh that he could have them for reference! No problem, he will have to manage via the textbooks anyhow.

With a deep inhalation just as he turned around facing the front to leave, "Ouch!" He collided with someone and his books fell down.

"You!" he was going to bash the person however, when he saw he it was his mouth went shut. He wished to speak something unfortunately he can't for it was, Amara. Her innocent eyes were enough to calm down the turmoil inside of him. "Damn!" deciding to let it go, he bent down collecting his books.

Meanwhile, Amara but her lips matching him on the floor. "I am sorry." she chipped helping him pick his belongings.

Alex did not say anything nor he minded her helping him until she reached for his phone. The screen turned on abruptly hence flashing the wallpaper. The picture contained them— Alex and his girlfriend Perry kissing each other in bed with him on top of her. His heart thumped realizing how her eyes stared at it as if she was not happy about it. "Uhh my phone!" He awkwardly asked it back, Amara licked her lower lip uncomfortably whilst handing it back to him with an apology.

"Uhh I heard you were studying!" Alex wanted to leave, his steps were already to move ahead when she suddenly hit the conversation. "So how far have you studied?" They walked together slowly. Alec had not answered her former question yet she asked him another making sure that the convo does not fall awkward.

They came walking near the gate having her talk continously. He was sad for not replying to her nevertheless he was not in the condition to. Already he was in the pressure of getting failed and here the topper of the class was asking him about his preparation.

He felt more like a stupid walking beside here. Honestly, he did. If there she was not only the scholar student and the topper of the class than here he was just average who seldom scored above forty in an exam as high scores!

In fact, she knew that somewhere hence that stood as the reason for her to come here and talk to him. "You know the application of derivatives in economics, it is easy but a little difficult to understand. And you can do that witha trick." he rolled his eyes feeling stupid.

He did not even open the textbook of stats, she gave him attacks beforehand. Alex spared her a glance blankly before spitting out his frustration, "I know you know everything now would you just stop showing that off!" she was embarrassed by his statement that when he walked ahead, she did not have the courage to stop him.

Only if she could tell him she was not there yo show off but help him!


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