9. I don't give a damn

9. I don't give a damn. 

Alex mentally killed himself, he slapped his cheeks in mind for having caught red handed. She was standing there with her eyes staring him unbelievably with sadness. He could not move after spotting her there and his breath ceased. He felt himself dead and the way she defeatedly stood across him on the other side with big fat books in her hands, it was obvious she might have collected them for him. But who would have known everything will turn out to be like this!

"Uh, Amara.. I.." he dragged his foot slowly in her way while his fingers curled up into fist conveying his emotions as for the tune being. Guilt dripped every time he blinked his eyes. "We were... You know." Well anyone in his spot would fumble after being caught like that.

The situation turned drastically sad and nervousing. Only if he had known she would be there watching them then he would have kept a check upon his tongue.


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