10. Focus on studies, not on Amara!

10. Focus on studies, not on Amara! 

"Ugh, my back hurts and my eyes pain!" Alex stretched his body, raising his hand up in the air and sighed loudly that Amara who was sitting next to him serenely smiled. 

It had been a hectic day. Really. Nah, not for her but for him. He does not have a habit of sitting for three hours and studying continuously without any break. It was just three hours, and he was exhausted. The way his eyes reddened by looking just in the books, it displayed how hard it had been for him. 

"Are you... Smiling?" having seen her smiling at his tired appearance Alex asked.

 He was trying to shove the tiredness away. Obviously he was not used to studying so much in a day. It was a new part of his sexy fun-filled life.

 When she nodded her head in a no with the signs of her smile left behind on her lips, he mocked her, "Dude it is easy for you to study for long hours but a battle for me. P

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