13. He's a player don't trust him

13. Don't trust him. He's a playboy! 

'Shit! I should not have run away from there. Don't know what Alex might be thinking about me now ? Oh god, why did I do that?'

Shuffling here and there in the room, Amara scrunched her nose at the very thought. 

Amara's room mate, Chloe watched her from the corners of her eyes, she was laying on her bed over her stomach reading a magazine. Her perfectly waxed legs were folded from the knees and the feet were facing the ceiling, she chewed chewing gum grimacing Amara between her leisure time. 

She rolled her eyes whilst she pulled the pierced ring at the corner of her lower lip between her teeth feeling irritated. Amara was walking to and fro in the room biting her nails. Her specs were kept aside on the bed between the bo

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