34. Should I reconsider my love for her?**

34. Should I reconsider my love for her?**

Alex's point of view...

It was hard to believe but that young looking man was Amara's father. The man is somewhat too tall for his build; were he a few inches shorter he would be all the more handsome for it. It was as if he stopped growing only to be stretched on one of those medieval racks a half-foot more.

He met my gaze with a sigh escaping his lips. He looked tired. From his appearance it was clear that he returned home after spending hours of labour working in his cabin. He surreally looked like the owner of a big company!

My bad that I never took the time search about Amara or her background. Had I known about her background, it would have been easier to see her today. And then, I could have tackled this bitch looking security guards within a snap of fingers and taught a lesson to that little demon bro

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