36. He stole our princess.**

36. He stole our princess.**

Silence filled the room once again. Alex sat cozily enjoying the looks of Amara's parents' face. He never felt so joyful before in his life. Not at least in front of somebody's parents except his own.

He had to admit that the Rebello family was interesting. From their beautiful daughter to their bastard son, and lastly the cool parents, they were an example of amazingness that Alex cannot look away from.

"So you want to say that girl was behind you, she hugged you purposely to create misunderstanding between you and Amara and Amara very well misunderstood it and took it in a different way." Mr. Rebello recalled Alex's words that he chipped in front of them as he repeated them again in understanding. "And later that evening that girl went to meet Amara and said that you were cheating on her, and they both fought over you!"Alex nodded his head in approval, he w

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